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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:01

Url AK Party Candidate Nominations Announced

Url AK Party Candidate Nominations Announced
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Url AK Party candidate for Mayor made the introductory meeting.

İzmir news: Url AK Party candidate for Mayor made the introductory meeting. Meeting President Omar Jihad Akay Province, the provincial deputy Hayrettin Aircraft, İzzettin Mizan, Kenan Age, District President Tarkan Copper, joined the heads of the district and neighborhood organizations.
as dinner was held in the meeting room Urit SES. Dr. candidate for Mayor. Genghis Sandıklı, Provincial Director of Education. Assistant Erşan Eroglu, Urla Special Administrative Manager Emre Sahin, joined National player Tanju Colak. Excused due Barker Bengü could not attend.
Opening speech Urla, President Tarkan copper;"Izmir and Urla Municipality enough to serve not produce. During this period, service selection will be. All candidates Our candidates from each other is precious. Career and information services will be used to structure our friends. Already I wish success to them ways to get open."said.
Prospective candidates introduce themselves after doing the talking, Provincial President Omar Jihad Akay began his speech by congratulating all the potential candidates. Akay,"Candidate selection criteria is and according to these criteria, folk surveys also looking at the candidates our headquarters will be selected by. Choosing the end, all potential candidates of the selected candidates support giving resentments resentments will not. Ak Party family's tradition requires it."he spoke. Organization located in warning Akay, asked to be given the choice to work rate.

Url AK Party Candidate Nominations Announced" comments for.


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