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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:33

URLs Red Crescent , Aid has continued in Day

URLs Red Crescent , Aid has continued in Day
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URLs as part of Red Crescent Branch Eid al-Adha donations were delivered to the needy .

İzmir news:
Branch President Nurgül Absolute, \"Solidarity and share our senses peaked the feast of the sacrifice our welfare to work by speeding spent . Kızılaycılık activities and address their needs we oppressed blessings added once again we were delighted . this occasion of us who lent their support all charitable once again thank you . Crescent buffs charitable needs of our owners to our people and all Kızılaycı of the Feast of the Sacrifice , once again we are celebrating . Branch to our charitable by the company from 5 thousand 570-piece outfit the distribution of all districts in our female guests in the house of our district in prisons , nursing homes , the novel neighborhood to the residents of our schools and universities, our students in the hospital, our patients and the entire URL with the people we share. Turkish Red Crescent confidence once again by presenting the victim proxy for entrusting us the donors , on this occasion we support from outspoken Red Crescent friends and day and night adding employees Kızılaycı to personally and on behalf of Board once again I thank \"he said.

URLs Red Crescent , Aid has continued in Day" comments for.


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