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  • 11 Ekim 2013, Cuma 14:15

U.S. armor developing future

U.S. armor developing future
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The American military, special operations, and operations teams to provide much needed protection for developing future super armor.

"TALOS"the name given to the project, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers, R & D engineer at the U.S. Army Ground Forces Command (RDECOM) and carried out in collaboration between the leading companies in the defense industry.

"Iron Man"armor named as the design, as well as being resistant to bullets nano technology to be used as a reliable protection by wrapping the entire body as well as the mobility that.

, according to the U.S. military, a high level of protection against bullets that make up one of the most striking features of design, in the event of an injury to a possible diagnosis of the wound by means of sensors located on the armor , by tightening of therapeutic foam.

night, including a 360 degree view camera system which provides the capability to attack a magnetic or electric current is applied to design the outer frame in milliseconds magnetorheological fluid can pass from a liquid to a solid occurs.

MIT Professor Gareth McKinley, TALOS project"Terminator"or"Iron Man,"I reminded him, noting that such costumes become a reality in the near future, he said.

R & D Engineering Command of the Land Forces Lieutenant Colonel Karl Borjes counsel of the RDECOM Science, MIT, and other engineers involved in the project, said they are aiming to make it perfect in every aspect armor. Borjes the project is not only to protect the unit, as well as a communication center on armor, intelligent systems capable of self-determination, said it would be a combination of sensors and miniature types of circuits.

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