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  • 22 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 15:26

U.S. Senator Katz:Trabzon, Blueberry'de be brand

U.S. Senator Katz:Trabzon, Blueberry'de be brand
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Black Businessmen's Association (KARGİD) at the invitation of the U.S. State of Maine Senator Roger J. Trabzon


between the two countries, economic, educational and cultural area, said they wanted to improve relations. Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Trabzon visit stating that non-governmental organizations in the field of education and the economy, Senator Katz,"Deputy around us every moment of our visit to Turkey with my friends, 'What can we do together, we have what you can, what you get' looking at the frame. Trabzon to looking at this frame on your own knowledge our State of Maine Blueberry share it saw the most important exports. Turkey, blueberry, blueberry Likapa and known as the 'blueberry'nin upbringing and marketing of different environments can share our experiences in many areas. Trabzon, a major brand marketing can grow blueberry nature."she said.

Cihan News Agency (Cihan) in the comments Senator Katz,"a state of well-established that both Turkey and the United States I see when I look. We state than Turkey Although we are a young democracy, the old, Despite the well-established democracy in a state of Turkey's young. these two states can have a lot of each other. need to reach the point where our cooperation further. tanıştıkça talk and those who have not you, who you can see we did not have the. it harder for our meeting, we need to talk. This tanıştıkça collaborations, such as increases little by little starts and conviction. example, have cake, pie, chocolate used, tea and blueberry juice you have consumed. improve it. Territory as well as the production of an important point that we can help you in raising crabs, other sell to countries. Again, our visit to your country, consisting of natural limestone and quartz sand, cat litter, I saw the private mineral granules. As far as we do not have such a product, and there is a need."said.


U.S. President Ahmet Altintas KARGİD politicians in Trabzon hosts the importance of cooperation he noted. Altintas,"there are lobbies in the United States. These lobbies are very active on the decision-makers. Decision-makers remain under the influence of the lobbies. Lobbies with Turkey deciding that we would like, our country and our people, knowing that they decide to recognize. Simply including the USA both our trade, our province and our country to develop cooperation in different countries to make the presentation of politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen are guests. our guests leave our country, we see that they have a different feel and emotion. This, for us, is a welcome development for our country. these visits lobbying I think Turkey is important in terms of contribution."he spoke.

stated that the United States can not be denied the point where technology Altintas,"there is a lot to learn from them in terms of science and technology. These technologies can make our business a mutually evaluating the important things for our country. Our events, hours, our people developed countries to communicate with the people, technology, learning and saw that the dip in attracting abstentions. between us will never be able see the size of the gap is not less than the number who said that. KARGİD as we strive to lead our people and work to break this idea. rapid progress is essential to think of it."he spoke.

KESCHL:Every time I has made a great improvement in TURKEY ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL SEE

American lawmakers who visit Trabzon in Turkey 12 years ago, while Dennis Lee Keschl in specifying that the told:"O lkenize development of the 3. Approximately three years ago I came. every time I see you made a great improvement in Turkey's economic and political. strong economy and the state from the date of I think you can solve problems easily with the tradition. businessmen in the state of Maine to Turkey and would like to see these places. past when I turn business opportunities and cooperation with Turkey, as well as businessmen and MPs told my friends."

American deputy Prof. Dr. Karen Kusiak to Istanbul for the first time three years ago, stating that as a tourist, drew attention to the differences between the two countries:Kusiak,"Americans have a lot to learn from the world and Turkey. Example, schools in Turkey, Turkish In addition to being taught in different languages ​​such as English. We taught English to a different language. öğretebileceğimizi we think different languages ​​such as Turkey. Moreover, Turkey's economy is a visit to us a special presentation was made to the university. seen that in a significant improvement in the country's economic . the United States has the economic hardship. exploit own experience in this field. Feedback got from a short break in Turkey with my friends to share their MPs to ask them to see it come to Turkey."

KARGİD'in Maine State Senator and his deputies, Trabzon 's also visited the historical and tourist areas. The delegation paid a courtesy visit Trabzon Governor's Office. Makam meet the governor of Trabzon Deputy Governor Abdurrahman Maine State Senator Roger J. Koçoğlu'nun Katz, an American lawmakers Dennis Lee Keschl, costance Frances, Professor. Dr. Karen Kusiak, Refugee and Migrant Settlement Program Director Tarlan Ahmadov, President of the Turkish Cultural Center Job Doctor participated in Maine. Senator ABD'li Trabzon, Blueberry'de brand olabilir Katz:Senator ABD'li Trabzon, Blueberry'de brand olabilir Katz:

U.S. Senator Katz:Trabzon, Blueberry'de be brand" comments for.


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