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  • 13 Aralık 2013, Cuma 13:22

"Use of snowy weather Sunglasses"

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Eye Diseases and Surgery Specialist Oper.

Samsun news: Eye Diseases and Surgery Specialist Oper. Dr.. Düriye to İlbag, for eye health, type of sunglasses worn in winter snowy weather of the engagement would be helpful.
Hospitalpark farm Samsun Buyuk Anadolu Hospital of Ophthalmology and Surgery Specialist Oper. Dr.. Düriye to İlbag, snowy weather surely noted that sunglasses must be worn. Oper. Dr.. Düriye İlbag the sunshine from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the snow a strong eye that reflects this situation for eye health is highly dangerous, he said.
These rays, particularly cataracts, including some visual impairment and snow blindness can lead to warn the Oper. Dr.. Düriye İlbag,"the sunglasses summer as in winter can be used. Especially snow after open sunny air, on the ground snow, sun all the harmful rays directly to the eye reflects. This summer sun than is very harmful. Because summer snow is not sun rays from the reflection does not. Especially after snow and sunny weather which then accumulate in place of sunglasses should be used to do,"he said.
Oper. Dr.. Düriye İlbag the following information gave :"Ö especially motorists snow blindness to be taken against the most effective measures one hundred percent ultraviolet protective featured sunglasses is to use. Light reflected by the naked eye not to look. Glasses when it is not in the eye of the snow from contacting possible to avoid Located around as dark colors should be looked at, as well as people with dry eyes also tear the cold weather should not neglect their treatment."

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