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Using natural gas Necessarily Should Read

Using natural gas Necessarily Should Read
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Usak Natural Gas Distribution Inc.

Uşak news: General Manager Emre Onur warned about issues that need to be considered for the safe use of natural gas in the winter. Photo for the safe use of natural gas , to prevent possible threats to life and property safety in the installation warns that need to pay attention to the Usak people Udas General Manager Emre honor , \"Eco-friendly, economical and comfortable, a fuel with natural gas, the rules are one of the safest fuels when used as appropriate . Failure to follow the rules as well as in all other fuel and some basic precautions are not taken when the life and formation that could threaten the safety of goods are taking place ,\"he said . < br/> chimney and boiler draws attention to the importance of cleaning Emre Onur , a stressed provide many benefits to the economy from the fuel efficiency of such small but including the first human life on the necessary actions. Honour indicating that
other chimney maintenance of important issues , such as poisoning said substantially flue origin of adverse events . Chimney clogged over time due to external factors , constitutes a vital risk to users. Natural gas itself is not toxic gas. However combustion produces carbon monoxide gas from the chimney to be swept . Can not find a way out of the chimney , which has lost its function once carbon monoxide leaks into households and lead poisoning. Avoid such situations , healthier and happier to sustain life stressed that citizens should behave more sensitive to the chimney cleaning. Of one ventilation grills of the issues should pay attention to our Photo Subscriber certainly referring to the closure Udas General Manager Emre honor , life in experienced natural disasters significant majority of losses occur from the vents are closed . Have closed the vents complement the ambient air , flue and not corrected by the authorized persons of the problems detected in the smoke channel deformation is one of the most common mistakes . It is not built to once authorized chimney sweeper years of cleaning the chimney , the burner unit ( boiler, water heater , stove , etc . ) She said the follow-up of factors such as the absence of a time maintenance per year. Photo odorless gas is natural gas , in the case of a leak is easily flavored with rotten smell of garlic to be understood. Photo Subscriber low-cost and security , saying that they must refrain from practices that disregards General Manager Emre Honor , at least until the infrastructure networks of natural gas internal plumbing safely establishment is of utmost importance . Our subscribers to its low cost and security of the application should avoid the disregard and this process should be done by other firms with Udas certificate. Another issue to be aware of uşaklı citizens are taking to the competent domestic plumbing company for natural gas conversion process. Working with reliable and certified internal plumbing companies in the natural gas conversion process and are required to sign a contract with the company they work for. Subscribers Udas before selecting the internal plumbing companies'can also receive the information . Arise that may need to request the certificate issued by Udas from absolute to the company in order to prevent victimization .
Working with the company that responsibility with the company in the contract , the completion time of the job , of the nature and form of payment materials to be used , he said must take place properly. Photo Emre Honor Usak people in dwellings of 10 months in order to ensure life and property safety , the gas is opened again without indoor plumbing inspections of households made ​​and said that 12 thousand households checks completed. Natural Gas Market checking the internal plumbing to the distribution companies in the Law or Order to honor stating that the task checked the self-employed audit companies , \"Law Article , the internal installation, if found to be suitable for the Internal Wiring Regulations , distribution companies can be refused to gas , gas that gives it can be cut, unauthorized modifications to be made in domestic installations, improper and abusive use, incorrect and defective equipment , project damages that may arise due to the neglect of the installation with non-installation-made and contain the provision is not responsible for the loss of the distribution companies . Photo Natural Gas Distribution and Customer Service Regulation'in the distribution company , in case of danger in terms of safety , customer or resident person's permission to check the next natural gas supplies from the counter , permission is given the authority to interrupt the customer's natural gas until the danger is eliminated can not be received . in this context , our company ensure life and property safety of Usak people on behalf of internal installations in dwellings serves periodic control applications.
general status of these controls, the building installation columns , counter and links, the apartment is internal systems-devices-chimneys and balconies control of ventilation , he said. Photo also Udas General Manager Emre Onur subscriber list of certified companies said they accessed the website from Usak people said they would continue to work to raise awareness about it.

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