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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:54

Üsküdar Municipality has set goals for the year 2015-2019

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Üsküdar Municipality 2015 budget was adopted by a majority vote in municipal councils discussed .

İstanbul news:
Üsküdar Municipality Assembly , Fiscal Year 2015 Budget and Strategic Plan 2015 to 2019 2014-Performance Program ordinary meeting held in October to discuss . Three-day meeting, with the strategic plan prepared in 2019 2014-goals and objectives contained in the strategic plans prepared depending on the performance program was also adopted by a majority vote . Üsküdar Municipality Assembly Hall held yesterday 2015 budget negotiations , Üsküdar Mayor Hilmar Turkmen , Vice Presidents , the AK Party and the CHP Assembly members as well as the Üsküdar Municipality unit managers also attended.
\" MOST ON STRATEGIC we have prepared the Plan \"
at the meeting, the district director with planned investments and projects involving expenditure budget of 355 million pounds for 2015 was presented to Parliament . In a vote , the budget of $ 355 million bill was passed by a majority vote . Pre-election Uskudarli citizens promised more than they that are doing Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen , prepared the plan by the Interior Ministry is very appreciated and demanded of them , he said.
urban transformation Emphasizing the importance and the work they provide information about the President Turkmen ,\"Social and cultural municipality of Üsküdar singing is , is the proud . these singing increasing we have to continue . well-intentioned if we , the glass empty side rather than full side we see in Üsküdar very serious work we do. Üsküdar, to serve the very reason we have . especially urban Regeneration studies leave us alone, the decisions to have to say no . , our country in the earthquake zone . every moment in a disaster may face . Üsküdar, the urban transformation of Istanbul'in other districts went ahead , whether as an example you want. Our citizens new , durable, safe , beautiful home sits in the hope to get back , \"he said .
end of the session held negotiations in the chapter , the CHP council members, criticism , questions, suggestions and requests that respond to the President Hilmi Turkmen , \"let's do together to Üsküdar permanent service . What we do , let me explain to ÜSKÜDARLI together , \"he said .

Üsküdar Municipality has set goals for the year 2015-2019" comments for.


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