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  • 01 Kasım 2013, Cuma 13:05


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U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, in some cases, the country of eavesdropping activities"have escaped extreme,"he said.

Londra news:
Kerry, the Obama administration so far, the European allies of the United States that led to outrage listening directly to the claims was the highest official made a statement.
Kerry,"the National Security Agency to prevent the inappropriate behavior of President Obama ' together with work,"he said.
to prevent terrorist attacks on the United States Secretary of State, however, they need increased monitoring operations, he added.
Kerry , at a meeting attended via video conference in London,"the reduction of aircraft taking notice of their plans in advance, prevented the assassination of the demolition of buildings and people,"he said.
Kerry,"I assure you that this process was not abuse of innocent people. data collection kaçıldı improper acts in some cases extreme effort and yes,"he said.
büyükçelçiliklerine established by the United States in the world of mobile phones and Internet communications monitoring stations towards the news had caused outrage in Europe.
U.S. German Chancellor Angela Merkel cell phones for 10 years listening to the allegations led to strained relations between the two countries. Claims, the former U.S. intelligence officer who defected to Russia based on documents leaked Edward Snowden.

U.S."overzealous"Confession" comments for.


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