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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:02

Uysal, coming together with NGO representatives Continues

Uysal, coming together with NGO representatives Continues
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Kepez Mayor Umit Uysal, continues to meet with civil society organizations .

Antalya news:
Kepez Mayor Umit Uysal, Ka-Der Antalya Chairman Ugur Khan and Representatives Antalya Garments and Butikçi Artisans and Craftsmen Chamber accepted the Administration.
Ka-Der Antalya Chairman Ugur Khan, President tame the selection process'a contract they recalled , \"who venture a lot about it , we're watching your work ,\"he said .
serious projects to signing , as well as associations and Chairman of the tame that they exchanged views with civil society organizations \"Contract our Sadig . women-sensitive studies and women we municipality is engaged in the budget. Female our professional development and vocational courses for their more involved in economic life active , working mothers and social alarms are working to nursery and disadvantaged groups for the children , \"he said .
REGISTRATION quickened < br/> voicing hardships as tradesmen Garments and Butikçi artisans and Craftsmen Chamber President in his speech during a visit Yusuf Assembly \"to come to your office with accelerated licensing process \"and thanked saying .
shopkeepers , that the most dynamic segment of the small shopkeepers of the city economy striking Kepez Mayor Umit Uysal, \"we are in contact with our people, and no discrimination are trying to solve the problem ,\"he said .

Uysal, coming together with NGO representatives Continues" comments for.


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