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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:17

Value of Women's Hand to Local Governments

Value of Women's Hand to Local Governments
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Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, women's participation in local government is set up to make it more effective, \"Gaziantep City Council Women's Assembly\"was inaugurated .

Gaziantep news:
Mayor Fatma Sahin, at the opening of parliament , that it is in a new world order , and stressed the need for change capture . While the road before the people also stated that they Sahin, said:
\"Central to the people when you get everything for people education, health, ulaşılabirlig , safety , justice, everything human to the point where we also among the people , no , without discrimination, without polarizing , parsing you waterboy you , you're it, you wrote you , you said you are thinking bunch of people look at being able to actually how important we see that . Both our region , both in our country and world peace behalf . Hence we perspective, our management when amplifying the most important thing men and women and equal opportunities see that . \"
all the\"best \"s where there is a Gaziantep top spot to move it needs some work, striking Falcon,\"the richest and the poorest , least education and the uneducated between the spring when it is opened in this city peace and security provide not able to . that's why we will do a lot of work , \"he said .
constantly complaining of the problem , which is part of a mentality now that the transfer Sahin, everyone's solution as part of his hand should be put under , he said. Women power very caring emphasized that the Falcon, said:
\"in this room power until the end I trust . These halls of power in a well organized , when examples of how to do business that I believe that . We War of Independence struggle when the whole world is an example when the country's history and change the destiny , we still perseverance and for stability were . But now gather rifle war happens. Hence ignorance in the fight a great battle . Especially for this region . that's why everyone have a lot . \"
after the speeches in the elections by a majority vote Heather Sural , Gaziantep City Council was elected president of the Women's Council .


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