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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 09:10

Van collided with a motorcycle:2 Dead

Van collided with a motorcycle:2 Dead
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Antalya motorcycle collided with a pickup truck in a traffic accident that occurred as a result of two people lost their lives .

Antalya news: Antalya by van motorcycle collision occurred in a traffic accident two people lost their lives .
According to information obtained by accident, during 01.00 hours Kepez district Göksun Quarter , Altınova Street, Altınova near the Bridge occurred . Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Wholesalers Halina agricultural products leaving Erol G. administered 07 ZJ 648 plate van , Altınova Bridge, walking towards the same road route from the Ridvan Tefrul (24 ) the administration 07 BO 61 plate motorcycle head-on collided . From the median of the truck was able to stand against the passing lane . Ridvan Tefrul to the impact location , behind fellow Peace Gokkaya ( 20) were thrown into the opposite lane . If the road was poured into plastic crates in the truck . Health and immediately saw the accident gave police teams . 112 teams at the scene, both found that young men lost their lives . Motorcycle scrap , turning every two young people's shoes stayed at the crash site .
Tefrul from the scene of Ridvan has spent close to a nervous breakdown . Family barely calmed police and citizens . Two teen's funeral, the funeral car to the morgue of the Forensic Medicine Institute in Antalya raised, Erol G. phrase was taken to police headquarters to be taken Kepez .
to the accident Hakan Akburak , \"Friends reverse path input. Trucks normal cruising was in a state . reverse path once you head collided . truck guy what to do with not knowing the sidewalk crossed over . crash moment , and then friends where you saw that ,\"he said .
police launched an investigation into the accident .

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