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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:55

Van Kopani Walk

Van Kopani Walk
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Van, Peoples'Democratic Party ( HDP) , Democratic Regions Platform ( DBP ) and the Democratic Society Congress ( DTK) was organized to support Kobani'yi walking by .

Van news: Photo Kopani resistance Van street because of the thousands of people made ​​in order to support the global call , walked oil despite the heavy rain. Halim crowd gathered at the junction of vegetables , Musa Anter, walked to the park. Walking to the DBP Van President of the Provincial Moses appetite , HDPE Van President Aaron Okay , district municipalities co-chairman , Van Democracy Components joined Platform and civil society party with representatives of the organization.
Musa Anter Park Addressing the crowd in front of the Van Democracy Components spokesman Abdullatif Tulle, government at every turn by stating that the solution process but said that continued determination to take a concrete step , he said . The process must negotiate to expand and wanting a to transparently executed will be open to democratic public control of the process Tulle, said the future of the human resistance in Kobani'yi , \"Come, our future will not allow blacked out ,\"he said . Photo VEIL spoke after DBP Van President Musa the appetite City , stressing that Kobani'yi a historic epic written , \"Kobani'yi with YPG who sacrificed their lives for the values ​​of humanity fighting wild Isidor gangs representing all evil alliance of the world. this war will be won , representing human values. currently Kurdistan National Union freedom forces heralds . banned all Kurdish democratic actions of the people . Here once again we have demonstrated our dedication to democratic today, \"he said. following the press release made ​​the crowd dispersed without incident

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