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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:16

Van Lokman Physician Hospital Management Met with the press

Van Lokman Physician Hospital Management Met with the press
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Lokman Physician Hospitals Chief Prof. Van

Van news: Dr. Mustafa Berktaş , Hospital Director Salih Silver and hospital management, working in provinces with national and local media members met for breakfast .
Hospital who met with reporters at a breakfast organized by Dr. Mustafa Berktaş all of the people of Van celebrating Eid al-Adha , the feast ; to the solution of the problems in the country , peace and tranquility of the environment and to continue to the end of the economic recession experienced wished that occasion . MyBB Inc.'s fourth in Turkey in northern Iraq, which stated that a hospital Berktaş , \"Our two hospitals in Ankara , Hayat Hospital in Van and have MyBB . 4 in our hospital with over 200 physicians , ride soon our staff's . hospital of our daily patient capacity of approximately 2 thousand 500 to 3 thousand of summed up , \"he said .
MyBB Van Hospitals Van came from the day of the public a serious countenance , faced with the highlight Hospital Director Salih Silver, however, \"Especially after the earthquake in our hospital is a very serious patient potential reached . Van Life of our hospital also with the opening in the area again many branches of our public services started to give . especially in cardiology , cardiovascular surgery, specializing in the field staff, our people seriously we serve. again Newborn in the field at the moment of the highest in the beds patients with're . particular Hakkari, Bitlis , Muş, Ağrı , Iğdır and Kars provinces, including the entire eastern Anatolian people Neonatal Unit and we serve , \"he said.
at the meeting, the upcoming Eid al-Adha before the citizens of some recommendations contained in Lokman Physician Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Hülya Tatar , Eid meat and sweets consumption increased by adding that , \"in particular, heart and vascular disease of fat , sugar disease and high blood pressure, chronic diseases such as those with must pay more attention to meat consumption . In particular, boiled and grilled cooking method method is selected will be much healthier . Besides citizens to consume at least a few days rest after the flesh , and I would recommend them to overdo it . However, the feast of one of the essentials dessert a day, more than two matchbox consumed recommend that , \"he said .
MyBB VA Hospital Corporate and Public Relations Manager İmren Stone in his short speech , all the people of Van's feast celebrated .
after breakfast , Dr. Mustafa Berktaş into the hands of the camera , \"I always shoot you . I'll also take a photo of you , \"he has photographed members of the press .


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