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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:21

Van Umka Education

Van Umka Education
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Van Province , organized by the Directorate of Health \"National Medical Rescue Teams ( UMKE) Basic Education Program , began with the participation of 24 people from Van .

Van news: Photo Turkey is located between the provinces is given the most UMK education in general and of the provinces , including speaking at the opening of training starting in Van won many team UMKE Regional Coordinator Aydogan Rock , umke was emphasized that a sacred duty . Kumar, after the Van earthquake emphasis on education in most provinces in Turkey and said that they were providing education between provinces. This topic Aydogan stated that they leaned in particular , \"We provide Regional Coordinator for the environment UMKE training , showing the increasingly separate attention to the provinces. Referring to the importance of the steps taken in this area Kaya, \"has taken an important step such , I congratulate our team of outstanding courage to make a lofty mission. I congratulate all of you for choosing this task as günül \"he said. Photo umke the Van earthquake in the large experience gained and that these earthquakes successful study demonstrated that expresses Rock,\"Mission's still at the beginning here and you will make this task very sacred work. You will encounter many great events in the future . Your valuable time will be 7-24 itself ready in late primary task of you all disasters and emergencies . No matter where in the world we are constantly disasters. Earthquakes, floods, avalanches , fires and emergencies and disasters , we create a team that will be continuously available even in patients with rescue operations. Earthquake occurred in Van UMK team has gained great experience and our citizens have benefited tremendously from this team. Day and night working UMK both , earthquake has also achieved great success , \"he said . By instructors then
Speech\"handling techniques alternative instruments \",\"basic CBRN , trauma \",\"Forgive communication \",\"wreck security \", \"base camping \", \"forgive and surviving to unusual circumstances \"issue began to be trained in . photo Van 112 Emergency Disaster Services, hospitals, and of starting training with 24 trainees participation of volunteers has indicated it will continue until November 16 , 2014.

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