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  • 02 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 08:57

've A huge step! You can also take part in a ...

've A huge step! You can also take part in a ...
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've Stepped into a giant. Facebook, millions of people did a single frame. It was something that ...

The Faces of

Facebook 15.1 billion with an application called Facebook account profile picture the same frame collected. As a father of an American software developer and producer Natalia Rojas saw the name of the application to fit your dream with the same frame number Facebook profile picture collected.

Faces of the Facebook app, collected $ 1.15 billion with the Sticky Thread Facebook profile individual is able to incelenebilmesinin , claimed this profile reflects the fact that identical pictures. This claim is brought up another issue highlighted by all studies 36 years, 5 months, 9 days and 6 hours was to continue.

Sticky Thread Sticky

Once you have accessed the application to settle into that frame profile picture. A separate number for each user that the system will automatically add your photo is enlarged. Join the facebook accounts with the application can easily find your friends, looking at the history of the chronological order is being generated. The application has already appreciated by millions of users.

now access the application via the web, available to millions of users in real-time. We would like to state that the demand for the application is too extreme. 50 people attended the second Click here to access the application:

've A huge step! You can also take part in a ..." comments for.


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