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  • 21 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 10:48

've Decided that shocked for kids!

've Decided that shocked for kids!
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Families beware! Facebook, children between the ages of 13 to 17 opened to the public information.

for children between the ages of 13-17 are now on Facebook loosened the rules restricting users' shares, 1.2 billion was made available to the account.

responses from families due to regulatory bodies and holding tight privacy settings on a social networking experience is limited to children and, accordingly, offering Facebook, loosened the rules set by users between the ages of 13-17 .

for the past week, 13 to 17 years of change in the criteria used to share on Facebook, then users in this age range, capable of shares publicly.

before the amendment listelerindekilerle just friends Facebook photo sharing, social network updates and reviews written by children can use the properties and will be open to everyone to share.


children, recognize the individuals and follow-up of companies that make this change clear, Facebook, Instagram restrict its services to children, Twitter and Tumblr, was effective against the loss of the user.

According to Facebook's privacy settings does not change

's shares to the public between the ages of 13-17/will not be open to everyone.

According to the studies

of 13-17 years 94 percent of users in social networks are Facebook account and they have an average of 300 friends. 300 per person sharing with the last amendment made accessible to everyone, was opened.


1.2 billion users are accessing the Facebook age limit of 13 to open an account. However, age is taken into consideration in the procedure declaration, which is the date of birth date falls during the process of user membership, age, and accordingly privacy/sharing basis is determined by him.

limited sharing rules for minors date of birth mentioned in the Facebook age limit is taken as the main criterion is needed to represent the content and advertisements.

've Decided that shocked for kids!" comments for.


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