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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:32

Vehicle Municipality, Education Support Continues

Vehicle Municipality, Education Support Continues
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Vehicle Municipality, to the studies conducted by the District Education Directorate continues to support.

Kastamonu news: Vehicle Municipality, District Education Directorate continues to support the work carried out by. In this context Mayor Mustafa
Tools Tools visiting Ayanoğlu Governor Halil İbrahim Çelik, in educational institutions in the district, a campus gathering of high school and equivalent schools evaluated. Steel, so in the county of educational institutions located all a campus for the collection of high circulation of a complex structure in order to create the President Ayanoğlu requested support from.
President Ayanoğlu, the district will be created in the campus area required for the research would indicate, Car Rafet Taxation Vocational School ' The dorm building and also provide additional services needed, he said. Ayanoğlu, also Car Rafet Vergili Vocational High School campus may be necessary to initiate the studies said.
Tools Mayor Mustafa Ayanoğlu,"Mr. Governor Halil İbrahim Çelik our district educational institutions of the age required facilities to have a more modern and become efficient to be able to have opinions. Also at the meeting Vehicle Rafet Taxation Vocational School of the increased potential assessed enables the required abroad and additional services building to gain, so a more organized campus property gained even though the quality and efficiency for the increase of about projects in consultation And we have been. County of education in the field needs new structures that our work will continue. Vehicles As in all areas of the county education will take its rightful place in the field,"he said.

Vehicle Municipality, Education Support Continues" comments for.


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