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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 16:18

Veterans Day

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Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet Ozel , in his message issued for Veterans Day , \"in the eyes of our soldiers and veterans Legendary soul tradition of the gas , left deep traces in our culture is a noble concept ,\"he said .

Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet Ozel , in his message issued for Veterans Day , \"in the eyes of our soldiers and veterans Legendary soul tradition of the gas , left deep traces in our culture is a noble concept ,\"he said .
Chief of Staff Gen. private , \"the Turkish Armed Forces Dear Members and Heroes Veterans to\"start by saying that , Veterans Day so the message released today , the Battle of Sakarya injury despite the victory until the front ayrılmayıp heroically fighting a huge sacrifice showcasing unique Commander Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , Turkey Grand National Assembly on 19 September 1921 in the \"Veterans \"like the title and \"Marshal \"rank 93'ünc anniversary of issuance ; at the same time , the country and the nation of devotion , heroism and courage abideleş symbols heroic veterans of our honor and glory days is stressed.
Gen. Custom said:
\"Flag flag that above the blood. Toprak, if laymen who have died homeland is .'with the idea of ​​front running'homeland get it right !'cries with their lives gladly sacrifice by considering they entered battles as a result of \"Gazi\"deserving of the title hero native son of our \"Veterans Day \"Happy Birthday .
Anatolia conqueror Alparslan'from the Ottoman Empire founder Osman Gazi , Pleven Advocate Gazi Osman Paşa our government Founder Supreme Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the glorious history of our reorientation great heroes and War of Independence , especially in Korea , Cyprus and the Internal Security Operations this honor accessing Mehmetçiklerimiz before destanlaşan gas and soul veteran tradition , our culture has left its marks a lofty concept. \"
\"Korea's Legendary in Cyprus, a flag , the Internal Security in the Vatanlaş the courage, heroism and sacrifice epitome gazilerimiz \"he Gen. private he continued:
you in Korea have exhibited civanmertlikl , humanity's lofty values, protect and contribute to world peace as you provided the Korean people's hearts by winning the two countries established between the friendship bridge the architects did you .
in Cyprus, our compatriots lived human drama to end input the right struggle , just consanguineous , not for all the people of Cyprus for peace and confidence in establishing a major role have you played .
more than 30 years that has been ongoing fight against terrorism in the soul and your blood , at the expense set foot and month star glorious our flag waving every mountain , every hill , your blood watered every piece of land with your presence eternal homeland did.
eternal Başkomut our Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the \"son of this nation the sacrifices , for heroism in comparison samples can not be found ... this kid and that kid from the a nation with an army , and of course the right will be able to maintain its independence in the true sense . Such a nation of independence to deprive attempt to an empty dream. \"In the words to glorify the glorious army of our intrepid members , as you have shown courage and heroism \"Purple Hearts \"dignity access the noble hearts of our nation and the memory that you deserve exceptional place you've got .
\"What was martyred or veterans by saying \"you this sacred hearth sending mom and dad from a deposit that we see as our esteemed veterans and our family members ; exhibit the courage, abnegation and sacrifice with any appreciation you deserve . guys for nothing , this unique service of your money or value can not be .
Today, as a nation , the world's most beautiful landscapes in one of unity and solidarity in the independent and free-living as us to be ; homeland , nation and sacred values ​​for the sake of all beings, a moment's thought , who sacrificed saint martyrs and esteemed hero gazilerimize borrowers that we are aware we are in .
want you to know , the past history of humanity , beginning with each passing day our nation's immense love and support further strengthened by the Turkish Armed Forces , the saint martyrs and the first hero veterans of our entrusted to us the sacred homeland and color of the martyrs and veterans of our blood area illustrious receive our flag any threat protection, secular, democratic and social state of law , which is the Republic of Turkey forever cherish determination and are determined .
veterans Day on the occasion , especially eternal Başkomut our Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends saints, martyrs and our veterans who passed away in remembrance of God's mercy , the ongoing treatment of the hero wishes speedy recovery to our veterans ; life for our veterans , our veterans and martyrs valued family members would like to express my gratitude and respect . \"

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