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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:25

Veterinarians at the Chamber Berberoğlu Period

Veterinarians at the Chamber Berberoğlu Period
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Denizli Chamber of Veterinarians Türkay Berberoğlu was elected to the Presidency .

Denizli news: Veterinarians
the 12th Ordinary General Assembly of the Chamber Türkay complained, Room became President . Mehmet Ali Uzakgider the candidate is not in the board room of the new management Türkay complained, Feyzu Dies , Sukru Rules Jesus Akkaya and Onur Acar has occurred.
Türkay Berberoğlu room in the building with a ceremony tasks M. Ali Uzakgider took over . Berberoğlu In his speech , six semesters of Denizli Veterinarians room management involved , said:\"you well know , as many successes together signature attık.sevgil of my colleagues , have we veterinary identity to realize we have . We work our professional principles observance and our colleagues by protecting the rights work we have to . that all our colleagues must love the profession , should adopt and every one of this community's representative is knowing that we have to work . herein professional organizations important tasks is reduced. our rooms on each platform of our profession is going to introduce , we are social our role and our duty to tell , animal and human health in the protection of our profession importance stressed , \"he said .
Uzakgider his service to the due Says Thank You complained, \"We scientific and social activities organized by our colleagues in all areas contribute to the development of the occasion will be . among colleagues communication channels open , keeping cohesion, sharing and solidarity will provide . To follow all legal regulations , adapting to the changes , you will protect the rights . Our colleagues will listen to the problems and solutions we create . To comply with professional ethics , personal rights advocacy , protection of vested rights, we will discuss the issues of importance'he said.

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