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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:38

Victims should be done consciously Segments

Victims should be done consciously Segments
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President of the Chamber of Veterinarians intellectuals Uçmaklıoğl of Muharram , the victim should be cut according to the rules and deliberately , pointing out that \"if an uncontrolled cutting realized one of over 200 diseases can be transmitted to humans ,\"he said .

Aydın news:
numbered days before Eid preparations in Aydın victims continues intensively . Comfortable and hygienic environment of the citizens in the city center in the preparations are being made to cut off the victim . Aydin Veterinarians President of the Chamber of Muharram Uçmaklıoğl also citizens deliberate and controlled their victims interrupts warned.
Feast of Sacrifice during the short time a large number of sheep and cattle cut that point Muharram Uçmaklıoğl , cutting necessarily veterinary supervision needs to be done , said:\"Animals of the transmitted to humans over 200 diseases are . Their 90 percent after cutting occurring conditions stems from . while cutting the animal's breed and size compared to 5 to 10 minutes of blood to discharge necessary to wait . Blood full discharge from the victim's head cut off , if the brain and heart liaison between the cut and the sudden death occurs . heart stopped and the blood in the body of the discharge stops. blood fully neglect victims by our religion makrūh . this situation scientifically , but most have drawbacks . Kant purification that not meat not healthy not. Taste is also good as this type of meats, very quickly deteriorates \"he said .
slaughter a controlled and deliberately done Noting that Uçmaklıoğl the said:\"uncontrolled cutting should occur, tuberculosis, tuberculosis and anthrax diseases such as one of the sacrificed after the people can spread. According to the statistics , especially after Eid al-Adha , when passing from human to animal diseases have been observed to have increased by 40 percent \"

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