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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:58

Views from the Land District Governor

Views from the Land District Governor
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Corum Governor Ahmet Kara, began to visit the district .

Çorum news: Corum Governor Ahmet Kara, began to visit the district . Çorum Governor appointed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ahmet Kara made ​​the first visit to Oguz district to district . First governor who visited the Governor Oguz Kara, was briefed by the Governor Wealth Day . Photo later visited the Governor Oguz Land Municipality , took fire from Mayor Orhan information about municipal services. District Police Chief and Black governor who visited the Gendarmerie Command , passed the Dodurga .
AK Party Çorum deputy Cahit Dodurga District with Bağcı, the mayoral seat and gendarmerie in visiting the Governor Kara, Governor Mohammad Amin Apple and Municipalities President briefed about Mustafa Aydın province. Ahmet Governor made ​​a statement after visiting the Photo Black , said they would serve the common mind prioritizes Corum . Voicing his first district to visit the Oghuz Turks Governor Land , said the coming days will also visit other towns .
The Governor's Office as well as other duties of the Governor reminded that to control all other public institutions , except military and judiciary Land , \"Our county inspections with direct will continue after that. we'll get information about the problems of the district in visiting our governor and council and we will work on these problems, the solution of the point. we transferred our deputy governor of a very competent , excluding certain powers with correspondence instruction. They will do the necessary work . we will determine the strategy will see the front for the development of trade must our province both in industry . the solution of the problems in the continuous public and we will exchange views about what needs to be done , \"he said .
he is a former municipality and describing the care of local authorities Governor Land , said they would do whatever is incumbent upon them concerning municipalities. Voicing municipalities are institutions that meet the local needs of our peoples Governor Land , the municipalities involved with the legal regulations , he noted increased as well as authority .
Stating that no municipality can no longer say they are unauthorized on local governments Governor Land , \"limited the possibility of the Malum municipalities . they are trying to do something with limited facilities . Management has a recipe like this. Administration is the art of using the maximum available opportunities . our mayor is trying to use the maximum opportunity at hand. whatever our duty concerning the municipality will not spare them municipalities, \"he said .. Governor in Photo Views Kara Provincial Police Director Salih Erkan Tarancı Provincial Garrison and Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Deputy Commander Rushdie Ahmet Altun, Mufti Mehmet Asik , Provincial Food, Agriculture and Livestock Manager has Erkan Elfaz , Provincial Health Director Ismail Yucel and Special Provincial Administration Deputy Secretary General Unal Demiray accompanied them.

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