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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 17:14

Views Samsun Chamber of Young Drivers

Views Samsun Chamber of Young Drivers
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Potential Candidate Mayor and Mayor Osman Young Janik, visited Samsun Chamber of Drivers.

Samsun news: Potential Candidate Mayor and Mayor Osman Young Janik, visited Samsun Chamber of Drivers.
Turkey Driver and Automobile Federation (Tsofa) Fevzi Apaydın, Samsun Driver and Vehicle Chamber President Yusuf Saim Erkan, minibus associations heads and room including members during his visit, Samsun, transportation issues were discussed. Transport sector workers to solve the problem when asking for, Young, targets, anywhere access to everywhere in business, he said.
Held in March's local elections for Samsun turning point will be representing the Young,"a city's civilization measure that city people living in the transportation of comfortable safe and fast depends on. Nearby civilization, development is. We therefore as a first priority in our city experienced the problem of transportation solutions will bring you to. our city to all comfortable and easy transportation facilities will provide,"he said.
Prepare their Samsun Strategic Conceptual Plan Samsun ' s future design stating Young,"Samsun at any point in living every man's life to facilitate the steps we will take. wrong with us, this city civil and everyone to enjoy living the proud, the enviable city to make. you in Samsun in a happy way to live if we want to only the center of the city's development, but the district also in a parallel way to happiness access and development needs. Development is the main source of transportation,"he said.
given them for their support Mayor Candidates Candidates Osman Young thanking Turkey Drivers and Vehicle Federation General Fevzi Apaydın said,"Our city has become a bleeding wound of the transportation issues are to be solved. know how to solve this problem by you,"he said. Apaydın gave flowers to the young end of the visit.

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