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  • 16 Ağustos 2013, Cuma 12:16

Village okulundun great success

Village okulundun great success
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Ihsan Taşkaynak village of the town of Erzurum Goksu Pasinler Secondary School, high school science SBS experiencing the joy of the season is right to send five students.

out of sight, the success of a village school in Erzurum ısırtıyor

finger. 2011 SBS average score Erzurum, Erzurum in 2012 ise'100 basic eser'okumada the school, and now high school science SBS 5 sending student success.

School Director Mehmet towed, the village is very developed culture of reading, including parents, students read a great desire and determination, he said. In the same season, sending five high school science students in Erzurum, indicating that the first towed,"Of course we can not forget the work of dedicated teachers here.'s Students during their free time to support his family by working in the fields. This means that no effort is wasted. Classroom teachers to students, especially Raphael Tugba Aksoy efforts as vice president of ETI and would like to congratulate."he said.

2,013 high school students who are science based on the results of placement SBS are:Feeling Coppersmith (Abraham Rights Science High School), Hatice aycelik and Mary Nightingale (Bayburt Science High School), Zeynep and Elif Yılmaz (Arhavi Science High School).

Village okulundun great success" comments for.


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