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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:33

Villagers from Kocaoğlu'nun Assurance

Villagers from Kocaoğlu'nun Assurance
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Tire speaking Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu before the election, his \"peasant's cultivating the goods not sell, \"said the rear of saying they \"Gökçen the 45 acres of land Mehmet Union met with , and we agree .

İzmir news: Waive coverage and the land is burning . Thanks to him , \"he said .
Tire Municipality implemented by the City Museum and Pond Restaurant , in a ceremony held entered service. Tire goods also spoke about President Aziz Kocaoglu, made ​​the following statement:\"The Politics country is done for . Political directed by the mayor , provincial, district , metropolitan done for . This village was much talked about issue of the sale of goods , it was investigated . Available before the local elections, we visited our village and we all say what we say and we stand behind it until the end .'Peasant's , used by the citizen , that additional , mow , which provide livelihood , life continued our municipality where the property will not sell . This will continue to use our citizens'. But I'm çarpıtmayal event . We'Tire Municipality of hotel , office building , the Gokcen inherited from buildings, apartments sell'did not say . The 45 acres of land in two days Gokcen met with Mehmet Union . And we agree on an issue . The collateral is burning , will waive the land . I thank him because of this understanding \"in the newspaper the'farmer's raw goods made ​​'Mayor Kocaoglu react to the words ,\"A crude output hum şaralop . Şaralop crude him , winking means to bring something up . That is our understanding . We'will make raw'call. So'we can not eat'call. Şaralop crude him another job . Tell us what we and vice versa. It means to take , \"he said .
message of unity
Kocaoglu, the situation in the country's unity and solidarity by making a call to get rid of \"we have to be prudent . Our great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Peace at home, peace in the world'philosophy put forth as a theory has been of such conversations . In the Balkans, Gallipoli , Yemen has fought all over the country and then come together to survive in this region , take the principle of foreign policy , the rule stated by this dictum . All opinion leaders together with our'me what'you say , surely our hands under the stone, put it in unity and solidarity we have to work , \"he said .
Balkan festival
starting Friday Balkan Festival and the opening concert also spoke about the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor said:\"our great leader of his activity in the 36-37 year . Due to the number of events of yesterday morning I called Governor . There are doubts in my mind . On the one hand annoying in the country , we do not want a mess . On one hand, the Balkan countries with the participation of 11 and 10 years, we have an international festival . I said,'I can cancel , but because it is an international event and for the countries concerned , the negative media that contain cancel our European public opinion , world public opinion perceived as greater may cause . If the civil authority yours. If you want to cancel , let's let's decide together ; If you want to take every precaution I'll run it . The artist will give the opening concert of love, brotherhood, friendship folk songs to sing on''ll recommend . Made by the Governor had agreed would bring greater drawbacks . Then Police Chief called us. I appropriate the mayor and council members told him that we would be together with our Gundogdu Square and have made this task . This is the event . This event is different from a man to bring out the individual is a skill . \"
Speaking at the ceremony Tire Mayor Tayfur Flower of the party , regardless of anyone's mayor, saying that , \"Mal with our Our lawyers will answer those relevant written and drawn . Nobody has written-drawn , lying in the snow next will not talk . I'm from Administration , village legal entity even a sliver of goods did not sell . Said the other day his own are the property of the City of tender Gokcen . Gokcen Municipality gave me 6 million in debt . How we gonna pay . Right before you get a little reassured Aziz Bey .'You buy the building . Gokcen land the property of the City of reselling them, though , \"he said . Aziz Bey , please guide me too , and I'm a man I trust ; His word is the law for us . I never said not to break . The villagers let our citizens be comfortable , \"he said .


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