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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 18:44

Villagers Full Support from Orkoy

Villagers Full Support from Orkoy
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Karabük Forest Management Directorate of Forest Village Development (ORKÖY ) loans were given examples of projects and operations in grabbing a ceremony with certificates showing the success of forest villagers .

Karabük news: Photo Forest Management Directorate ceremony held at the conference hall , the Governor Orhan Alimoglu , Istanbul deputy Osman Kahveci, Provincial Police Director Serhat Tezsev the Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Mehmet Uzun, TSO President Sadat Namal, Zonguldak Forest District Manager Ahmet Secret Besel , Forest Management Director Mehmet Emin Uzunsoy , Tüed Karabük Branch President Jalal Cloud , Forest Management Directorate staff, village headman and citizens attended the ceremony. Photo Zonguldak Forest District Manager Ahmet Secret of the Beşel his opening speech, \"in the year 2014 nine families scientific beekeeping, 57 families in dairy cattle 12 family dairy sheep for 3 families beech mushrooms, 4 family beef cattle , 4 family greenhouse, 3 family backhoe loader , 23 families with solar energy and a total of 123 families , including 11 families exterior thermal insulation types 1 million 928 thousand 555 TL of individual we give credit . Today's ceremony is organized certificate ORKÖY 80 people because of their funded studies , we gave our 6 forest villagers certificate management exhibits exemplary . Forestry activities as a result of the contribution made ​​Karabük economy £ 130 million , \"he said . The Governor Orhan Photo Alimoglu , \"You know, the earth was created from the four elements of earth, water, air and fire . One of these elements is missing , though it does not take vitality . Stones composed of these elements in a tree , birds and people . Stones, trees and birds of the orders given to the people . But if people can not handle them well , first if you do not get along well with them wrong and injustice cezalanıy disrupt the world order itself . Our forest is one of our most important economic resource karabük our province we are one of the richest provinces in Turkey in this regard. A second difference in our terms of our sports facilities are one of Turkey's most prominent cities. Our duty is to nature for a while we , we're far from the earth . Now a bit of land , with nature , with animals forest and I need a little more closer. Industry has an important job , an important job can not have the technology but no milk factory , processing finds the milk. If no factory he works can not find meat. Factories can not wheat, wheat flour finds it's doing . So the right of agriculture, animal husbandry right , whether we need to re-balance the right of forestry . These studies provide that balance very nice steps taken in point . Our teşkilatımızın our forest husbandry , develop our arıcılığı I said struggling . To increase the production to look at the issue again , Turkey has done and is doing the necessary work to ensure the balance . Its duties as Karabük'lü we should do to correct understanding . Today, a deprivation of our village but did not reduce our village population should return to normal I hope it will return . People with good occupational health and peace is possible . What if we need them in our village , our state , our nation , our job is complete we need to consider the nature. Chicken is a factory cows need to give them the right . I'll do it, if we run away, making you eat healthy food we are unable to find pale in hospital. To produce something , anything to know something is not right I believe we do not deserve to win without spending improves them. Forest Management Directorate our Organization , I would like to thank our suffering and our village headman . I wish to continue developing these activities , \"he said . Awarded certificates after the Governor Orhan Photo Alimoğlu talk to the villagers were given certificates .


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