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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:31

Violent Protest in the Rain

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Teachers working in Edirne, on violence against teachers, ignoring the rain was collected.

Teachers working in Edirne, on violence against teachers, ignoring the rain was collected. Teachers at the school, even life safety having said that.
Turkish Education You and Education Business as members of the vocational high school in front of a joint press release that teachers, in Edirne in a high school to the school from the outside, entering with a knife teachers conducted condemned the attack.
Turkish Education You Edirne Branch President Ibrahim Hakan Yildiz read in a press release for teachers of violence in recent years has increased, Turkey in the last one month in Edirne, two events of the teachers' lives at school while safe even if the show, he said.
Star in his statement said :"IR First a high school in our National Anthem to read our school garden gathered students and teachers between the schools outside the 3-4 people in their hands with knives entered, experienced great turmoil in our teachers in an effort nobody unscathed event has ended. Yet here should be considered the point is this; National Anthem for the school gathered in front of students and teachers, even from the outside to school, entering in hand with knives in the school to move courage can be displayed.
2nd incident was the November 22 Day Teacher's Day in the whole country and our city was celebrated, the teaching profession sanctity of every platform was raised. contrastingly our teacher in the school students conducted by the assault and is assault on; work that recent events in the aftermath grave the teacher physically assaulting the student's family after the incident, both at school and at the police station school management and teacher threatened to continue. we teachers experienced these events strongly condemn. In both cases, our teachers and our students experienced major trauma to the public to attract attention here are gathered"
Stars of the events after the educational community ALO 147 line with the implementation of the teachers libel clearly any kind of attack against left unprotected, arguing that"each academic year, our country's various points in school or outside were beaten, wounded or even killed the teacher of our news in our press is located. experienced these events isolated incidents should not be considered. our country to the future of our people to cultivate the life that our teachers, unfortunately, our citizens credibility in the eyes razed were. these types of events in order to avoid empty speech with We do not want to be distracted anymore,"he said.
Description Job Training Branch President Nazim Kırcı Edirne and union members joined.

Violent Protest in the Rain" comments for.


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