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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:06

Viranşehir'de a vendetta More Ended

Viranşehir'de a vendetta More Ended
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In the district of Şanlıurfa Viranşehir , since 2010 Vote animosity between the jack and the family has peace .

Şanlıurfa news: In the district of Şanlıurfa Viranşehir , since 2010 Vote animosity between the jack and the family has peace .
Viranşehir Municipal Cultural Center , a peace for the ceremony Viranşehir Municipal Co-Chair Filiz Yilmaz, the region's opinion leaders Mehmet Salih Dogan , political party representatives , Lifting and Voting family members and many citizens attended.
Salavat and takbirs with culture of peace from the center of the family members were clinging to each other . Speaking at Peace program Mehmet Salih Dogan opinion leaders among the most important place of worship in peace , he said . Peace of the individual but social , that worship the individual stating that Mullah Salih Dogan , \"the Prophet a peace ceremony read at the prayer after the mosque did not. Instead Hz . Abu Bakr (RA ) sent . Prophet Muhammad prayers had gone maybe he made ​​would . Koran Quran from Allah (swt) made ​​after an event magistrates are commanded by . Muslims lasting peace and brotherhood theme embroidered on . we Hz . Adem'de and Prophet. Adem de earth was created. all the same a mine . Allah, our region , our country, peace and brotherhood give . peace I want to thank everyone who contributed to the realization , \"he said . Municipal Co-Chair Filiz Yilmaz
Viranşehir Hz. Ibrahim and Prophet . Job's (pbuh) lived in these lands from time to time in the blood has been spilled , the cradle of history of this land have done a great need for peace , he said. After this time, we are compelled to count each other love and the President expressed Filiz Yilmaz, Almighty God \"you step on me I'll come if you come one step \"also recalled. President Yilmaz, \"We are also great as a family , we love each other we each other, we count , forgive each other going . Forgiveness think the biggest virtue is . Peacetime largest heroism is . Humans mutually forgive when yüceleş is . These lands forgive each other going . Viranşehirl these two in our family peace congratulate . I care about this peace , \"he said .
made ​​after the prayers of the pilgrims enter the village residents Back Lifting and Hemmoor Vote Seydou's embrace especially all the family members ate together .

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