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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:13

Visit EKEV And Ersiad Tercan

Visit EKEV And Ersiad Tercan
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From Erzincan, Erzincan to make several visits to the Cultural and Educational Foundation ( EKEV ) and Erzincanli Industrialists and Businessmen's Association ( ERSİAD ) Team visited the Tercan .

Erzincan news: Tercan Trust at the invitation of Governor Osman Tercan EKEV outgoing and ERSİAD management Tercan breakfast program was held at Teachers . Tercan expressing his pleasure at being President EKEV Agca loyal ; \"Erzincan Culture and Education Foundation and ERSİAD for many years as our sine qua non of our contribution to education and our young people the contribution of Erzincan and our country in the future investment and services as we see. Foundations as a 21 year history we have . 21-year period from 21 to 22 thousand scholarships enables a is a foundation . recently that last year, if we look at four thousand students received scholarships we have . 2014-2015 academic year in four thousands around 500 will give a scholarship . course, a share of it , especially Erzincan Centers , including about 50% as a figure evolves . second row Refahiye our district and in third Tercan there . this behind comes, all the districts of our this possibility exists in . EKEV in Turkey in 81 provinces University in all of the students we have . EKEV in Turkey 21 thousand students studied and that in Turkey today, these people each in certain places business owner and are serving in certain positions . we know we're in a good spot , and we will continue to contribute to education . In addition to this, our services are abroad in Istanbul . Our country has a daughter . Our daughter who is a shortage of housing in Erzincan out there , we're hosting . Men's Dormitory our work there. Therefore, I am very lucky to Erzincan see myself as a province . We have gone here many years ago . Thousands of people out there like me var.ekonomik gained strength and debt to their native lands think diet and get the individual to pay for it , get through associations and foundations , diet, trying to pay off debt . In an effort EKEV and as we are in ERSİAD . So with the problems of Erzincan, we're always the blues . But unfortunately Tercan in the establishment of a 21-year EKEV place could not be taken up too much space . Maybe we are to blame in this matter . We like our nurses expect much to come , but we have got to call . But lately, in terms of contribution , there is a development in terms of social cemiyetçilik . My fourth visit to this personally Tercan District . We're late on this subject but I will remedy this shortcoming . But more often then I hope you'll come Tercan . To distress us as much as we'll help you . Therefore, villages, districts these associations , this village lived in Istanbul for nurses really are doing all kinds of material and moral support . And an example of which is EKEV ERSİAD . So two respected organizations in Turkey . They should not boast of erzincanlı with these organizations . Most of the Foundation and the City Foundations Foundations grantor has the title . Supreme Council for the contribution to the education of our most outstanding service award is a foundation area . For him this honor and we are proud with the foundation . Therefore, support for the sake of Erzincan University give scholarships to over a thousand . For example, we have 80 girls in Istanbul and we host them in our country . These figures very little money that is taken only under eat money . The room was already reimbursed as scholarships . So we also ersiad Tercan for him , especially in the first and EKEV and contributions closer to expect them to stop . Do not get too much of a contribution from Erzincan . We are not expecting any obviously already there . I'm doing this on my site anywhere . Ersiad mostly sums up the town with the foundation . They are really huge financial and moral support . There Tercan Ömer Bey Gideon , have the Turgut Bey Turke and their contribution to our Foundation are doing in a serious sense . I want to thank them . Thus, in other districts also have a very philanthropic businessman , I would like to thank them . The main of these institutions come to this stage in the former Transport Minister Binali thank Mr. de forever . He is the architect of this work . We are not sparing the material and moral support to . We also we would like to thank you for inviting me here . ERSİAD managers and to the Chairman , thank you. \"He said.
erzincanlı MANUFACTURERS AND BUSINESSMEN for Erzincan make a great effort
Erzincanli Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association President Yavuz Canikli the association at all times Erzincan dertlenip trouble with both domestic and abroad, though they work for the benefit of Erzincan, stating , \"in five months ago ERSİAD former Chairman of the GÜLBİN Sezgin our brother took over the task . Erzincan EKEV at the point of unity and togetherness and brotherhood we worked with was very nice . The individual visiting the town of Erzincan districts participating in all activities performed on behalf of Erzincan unity under difficult conditions from time to time with EKEV Erzincan tried to do what has to be done . ERSİAD before us as Chairman Sezgin GÜLBİN located in a very nice service to our President, thank you very much . Erzincan has made a very great effort . ERSİAD was established in 1989 and from that day until today Erzincanli brought together industrialists and businessmen . This association was formed after EKEV in 1993 . From that day until today ERSİAD EKEV side by side, arm in arm with continued activity . ERSİAD plans to open a branch in Erzincan , but for various reasons this could not be realized . Have migrated from here erzincanlı unity and togetherness are very sensitive about . In all our work than we Erzincan Erzincan Erzincan name brings to the fore are expressing . In this land into the hands of economic freedom was born in Istanbul and Turkey have taken erzincanlı need to come together in different provinces of Erzincan to think what we could do . EKEV through our business and provides scholarships to students with a variety of investments are contributing to Erzincan . But in this land and win a piece of bread in Erzincan , even those who did not have us sad . In this land of the money earned to remain in this land again . The industrialists and businessmen in Erzincan our industrialists and businessmen in Istanbul or other cities to be more co-operations and to conduct our work together continues. Our rooms , political party representatives , district and village mayors , our district governors , civil society organizations and all of our talks are continuing with our institutions and organizations . Erzincan want to organize a conference on agriculture . Unity and co-quite-winning Erzincan will he thinks compatriots our respect and our love I give . \"He said .
EKEV AND ERSİAD for Erzincan is the pride
Tercan Governor Osman Trust in a statement:\"ERSİAD and EKEV president and his board members to come up here to thank you for honoring us . As I always have an idea . Industrialists and Businessmen say we need to bring more than Tercan were expressed from time to time . I hope this will be a first , and after that our Industrialists and Businessmen are more Tercan entertained . I thank them for coming . Yet our President EKEV and ERSİAD as they expressed it in speech given to students for scholarships and educational contributions that they have made things really are priceless . From time to time students studying in Ankara and Istanbul, came to visit us when I was first getting a scholarship from EKEV know? I ask. So far, 80% of our students received scholarships from EKEV saw . Welcomes in our meeting in Istanbul said thank you , thank them in now . It really is a beautiful thing . However, as stressed by President EKEV this rate much weaker than in other provinces, foundations and even some provinces do not even give a scholarship foundations . But our president is still the foundation of Erzincan also provides scholarships to students as serious . I suppose in the back of it as our president has said lies in the shadow of our former Transport Minister . I thank you once again . Hopefully then I'll see you more often . \"He said .
After the speeches and EKEV managers ERSİAD Mama Hatun Tomb and Caravanserai visit and posed for a souvenir photo .


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