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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:58

Visit of President of Asia stp Member

Visit of President of Asia stp Member
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Mus Civil Society Platform (STP ) members visited Mayor Feyat Asia.

Muş news: Photo Muş Muş Alparslan University (MSU) President Feyat platform members who visited Asia for the elimination of transportation difficulties , experienced by the students , said they would meet with other stakeholders to solve the problem. Platform members from November Sığınç stressed that the previous day due to unpleasant events in the Town Hall Square with students and regrets that Mayor Feyat against Asian students exhibit an attitude quite sincere and selfless . However, students from Sığınç indicating that they cause experienced some adverse events , Mus emphasized the need to resolve the transport issues for that there be no more such events. Offering suggestions on some of the Photo Platform member , said it must be discussed in the traffic commission of these suggestions. < Br/> the Mayor Feyat Asia , expressed his satisfaction with the visits , he noted that the problem of the transport problem in the first place . Asia , \"I am aware that my problem in the first place this is a problem as Mayor . In a few more hours before the traffic commission from the events we discuss these issues , and we wanted to do what the stakeholders for a solution. But that day make a press statement on student colleagues Town Hall Square , we have they want to see. go to the inner rather than discuss in office with me to them , I listened to the problems . some of that legal problems and I expressed just can not solve these problems . However , a number of unpleasant events. However, knowing the I would like my relatives from my did not interfere nobody to students. most especially in this case I do not give permission and I will not settle . There is found the staff some of our allies have intervened in the situation , but we have this obstacle . we do not want for us to be experiencing this kind of problems . students of our friends with the show sacrifices in our hope stakeholders will resolve these problems , \"he said.


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