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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:27

Visit of the Rector of Kurtcephe

Visit of the Rector of Kurtcephe
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Mediterranean University ( AU) Rector

Antalya news: Dr. Raphael and his wife Kurtcephe Kurtcephe to Kadri , Antalya Metropolitan Municipality of Special Education and Rehabilitation Center visited. During the visit, President Kurtcephe and his wife , Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with Disability Services Division Director Arsh Niya Head of Special Children Support Association Dr. Thanksgiving was accompanied Tacoy .
Kurtcephe and his wife informed the President about the Central Niyazi Throne , since 2011 , serving 210 students were registered in the Central and continued Rehabilatasyon of 180 includes students , he said. In the center of the experts student serve that transfers Throne , \"Our center , Europe's largest and most modern rehabilitation center . Centers within the swimming pool, social activities are carried out lounge , indoor sports hall , drama and music workshops also students for professional reasons, to develop themselves workshop there . Our Students week 6 , months, given 24 hours of training , \"he said . In Antalya people with disabilities to facilitate a series of projects implemented that they said Ell , President Kurtcephe , scientific and academic sense research support and instructor grown sending what they want , he added.
Centre browsing Rector Kurtcephe if so equipped center and Antalya for Turkey is earning passing , \"Healthy people with disabilities understand the people , the development is an indication of . these centers, individuals with disabilities understand that we , their lives to facilitate the efforts that we are an indication . disabled in Turkey sensitivity to every day is increasing , Akdeniz University , this sensitivity is part of be proud , \"he said . Individuals with disabilities deserve the life conditions to attain Mediterranean University is doing its part said the Rector Kurtcephe , the Metropolitan Municipality of Special Education and Rehabilitation Center in the academic and scientific support is ready to give what they underlined .
Metropolitan Special Education Schools and rehabilitation Center is a project that will be an example to Turkey voicing Professor Dr. Thanksgiving Tacoy , himself one of the founders , where the center of the goal , congenital or acquired physical, mental, sensory , and social skills in various degrees loser for individuals training, rehabilitation and occupational opportunities and develop as announced. Tacoy , its President Kurtcephe this particular visit and the next process thanked for their support for the academic and scientific .


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