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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:44

Visit the mayor of the tiny student

Visit the mayor of the tiny student
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Kars 80 Year Kindergarten students together with their teachers visited the Mayor of Murtaza Karaçanta office.

Kars news:
President Murtaza Karaçant , entertained by accepting students in the tiny office with his wife, Figen Karaçant to . President sweating Karaçant across the tiny student questions , answered students'questions on issues they were curious individual . Students wife in chocolates with Figan Karaçant President Karaçant to , voiced pleased with largely the visit itself of the kids. Chocolate
students , teachers also found in tea Karaçanta'ta to teachers, they found the best wishes of President gçrev .
tiny students,'Do what characteristics were taken into account so that you can be president? \"question that President Karaçant ,\"the Kars we recognize good with a wide range of our environment, to be the best of our dialogue with every cut and that Kars dynamics of our power that can be brought together and the projects we have prepared for Kars base was active , \"he said . Mayor reminded that there is no other alternative than to read
tiny student Murtaza Karaçant said,\"one of our study area will also be educational . we will have support to training slot. our students engaged in sports in school , and we support all of our amateur clubs. educational, cultural and sporting we attach importance to the event. Our people have entrusted us with this task. Taking have escrow given by our countrymen , our mission we started working our power to fulfill in the best way. I ask that you please read my from . No other alternative than to read of you . Will be read by the architects of the future . We rely on you , \"he said .
A while chatting with tiny student Karaçant , and later his wife , Figen Karaçant gave several gifts to teachers and students who visited him in his office along with . Karaçant , you agree souvenir photo taken with students did not neglect .


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