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  • 07 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi 17:44

Visit the Municipality of well-behaved and corner Düvenci

Visit the Municipality of well-behaved and corner Düvenci
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Corum AK Party deputy and Parliamentary Administrative Officer Salim Uslu , Düvenci visited the district .

Çorum news: Corum AK Party deputy and Parliamentary Administrative Officer Salim Uslu , Düvenci visited the district .
AK Party Central District Chairman Mustafa Kose, Provincial General Assembly President Halil İbrahim Kaya , municipal councilors and party leaders were present during the visit deputy Salim Uslu , March 30 local elections, the elected Mayor Necmettin Yalçın by celebrating his new position and wished success .
Düvenci Mayor Necmettin Yalçın , on March 30 stating that they come from nation have entrusted their rights and justice without leaving said they were trying to serve . Municipalities 638 thousand debt he expressed in the Yalçın it from the market of the municipality 51 thousand of receivables has said that .
As a municipal problems faced at the beginning of vehicles and personnel shortages that the voicing Yalcin, \"Community Benefit Work Programme employed workers'working time elapses our hands connected. extension of time in dealing with the interference of the five workers on our repeat business head will do . therefore I thank you , \"he said .
town dependent neighborhoods with problems briefing that Yalcin , then the town center and neighborhoods in their study about Uslu and Kose gave information .
all segments of society embrace their've
AK Party Çorum deputy and Parliamentary Administrative Officer Salim Uslu , Çorum every person living sect , belief , political opinion , what regardless of all segments of society embrace that and everywhere equally deliver services said.
AK Party government during the period in Çorum to the needy 419 million worth of benefits that are expected Uslu , industrialists if they employ workers for £ 400 million premium support is provided , the Public Work program for people who are employed under £ 19 million cash payment , he said. Corum 8 billion worth of investments that are expected Uslu, \"from citizens of taxes again to citizens as a service is returning. Moreover, all municipalities equally , we behaved , that we were is not he discriminated did not keep . States borrow money by selling money earner income of the doors have closed. Those coins ring have transferred. , so that big huge investment occurred. Corum from investments are satisfied. Organized Industrial Zone call center were hungry. 253 of our young people employed here edildi.f high school our opening of the university physical fields gelişiyor.üniversite We both physical and economic as well as social development the biggest factor is one. University's academic staff have increased the number . Owners areas where we have expanded . Düvenci resort of work to be done I saw that . here following the anlıyoruz where mismanagement has occurred. closed our towns , even so much so the problem met. Problems each of the different institutions related. this solving the problems of today and tomorrow, I can not promise at the point . Because of some problems in the investment program needs to be taken . \"He said.
Başbakanımızla this country's ill fate HAS BEEN CHANGED
AK Party Central District Chairman Mustafa Köse , Düvenci of the resort for 22 years a town although necessary not receive service saw voicing Corner, \"this is not to say that this will happen after that . To correct the deficiencies in the name of our president is trying with all his strength . We milletvekilleriyiz as politicians and public bodies will continue to be a bridge between . We have a presidential election on August 10 . We're counting on you . It modifies the ill fate of the country , leaving behind those dark days bright future for the nation that Turkey Tayyip Erdogan's presidential candidate was a man . Our goal is here to also receive one thousand 350 thousand 350 games . Because we Recep Tayyip Erdogan, making friendship with the way we have changed the course of this country . We can not say we can not live our faith in the idea of the dark days we have left behind . Everyone has a valid reason to support Tayyip Erdogan . On August 10, the nation's falling for her man to support us and all of the votes in the first round of the election was segregated expect . Our future will be better than yesterday, \"he said.
Following the visit of Municipal and Kışladere Uslu and accompanying Ataköy neighborhood spot with investments in other regions received information about studies examining .

Visit the Municipality of well-behaved and corner Düvenci" comments for.


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