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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:37

Visit the New Malatyaspor President Ahmet Cakir

Visit the New Malatyaspor President Ahmet Cakir
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New Malatyaspor coach Mustafa Ugur , along with the Club General Manager Murat Beytekin Malatya Mayor Ahmet Cakir have visited .

Malatya news: Photo Views Speaking at the New Malatyaspor coach Mustafa Ugur , stating that fans longing for success , he said that this longing is further increased their responsibilities .
fans expressing that they follow with admiration beliefs and supports the team Ugur, \"Inside, outside we play we had a crowd support in every match . Many super league and PTT're playing to more audience from the first division . this pleases my we and the players . There is no doubt this team the greatest support Metropolitan Municipality is giving . these jobs do not have the power of civil institutions. Financial-spiritual in every sense you have see our side also are happy we are . I thank you for the support and contributions you make. we've got our only goal . being champions in May , \"he said . the
Mayor Ahmet Cakir, indicating that it is in a pretty good position of the tool New Malatyaspor in Turkey's said he was being followed by Malatya all over the weekend that met Malatya in Bursa and said here is the only agenda Malatyaspor .
New Malatyaspor Club President Adil Brittle especially board members and the technical committee of the sincere efforts in emphasis that President Cakir, \"everyone likes the results and the position taken by the team. Everywhere we go, the first agenda Malatyaspor . The share of management and technical team in the emergence of this table is great. I thank everyone for that. Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya Malatyaspor in all . We will always support as we can. Malatyans they also unsparing in its material and moral support , our team will be in place as soon as desired . Union-there are always places where success is unity , \"he said .
Visiting coach Mustafa Ugur , Mayor Ahmet Cakir A , Malatyaspor shirt was a gift.

Visit the New Malatyaspor President Ahmet Cakir" comments for.


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