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  • 17 Mayıs 2013, Cuma 09:59

Visit The Runway hair this season!

Visit The Runway hair this season!
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The modern beehive knob knobs and other knits, this season's podium, at least show how to obtain clothing hairstyle attracted much attention.

the most important beauty trend of hair fall. The knob knobs Beehive peak season, I've gathered the biggest and best hair trends. Here are suggestions you further instructions on how to house these models.


Modern Bee Hive (Beehive) Knob

There is a sense in the air

return to the past. 1960s saw an exaggerated beehive knobs on the podium with the oscillating models. Her hair was gathered up and surging classic round shaped, slightly tacky braid hair band made complete with accent.

How to Obtain

:Emboss and spray your hair before making any model of a bun, it will help protect your hair take shape and form. Make sure you have a thin tail comb to give shape to handle.

Long Hair:If your hair is long, you'll need to collect the top to give the shape you want. If you want to view or Lagerfeld Prada, wrap your hair in the form of shell collecting on your head and secure the wire buckles. To view Chanel, Twill your hair behind your head backwards and inwards Collect scan. For an appearance on the podium ready to go, add the headband or hair accessory.

Medium Hair:with medium length hair, women's hair before easing after embossing to give a trendy shape balloon sleeve or you can try.

Short Hair:If your hair is short, you can add your own hair hair-fitting dentures.


Soft and Sexy Hair flying

This is reminiscent of the carefree but polished look

1970. (Think Farah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith)

How you can get

:Hair Pull straight fine hair, but not like needles. Volumizing spray foam or adding fullness to the floor. Wrap the hair is still wet ceramic or foam curlers. Spray lightly with hair spray, hair curlers Solve and scanned. Then scan your hair to achieve a soft wave.


Collected near the neck (chignons) and Dolama Knobs (Knots)

Classic Chignon knobs and luxurious fur collar military style complements very well. One of the most beautiful and the views can be the most comfortable way of artistic messy hair is gathered behind a knot/bun is felon. Smoky makeup, complete with soft eyes, and red lips.

you can get:Horsetail
bun b, or use a more beautiful, hair, face, to view a wide ir
Avoid placing it towards. If there is a wide jaw,
to look more beautiful bun or ponytail showing the top of your head
Make the right high. If your face towards your neck hair is weak u models
Book collecting. Both these options have a rounded face properly
look good. Horsetail hair to get this look by içim ago
Collect Collect and wrap loosely around her. If you are a bit messy
appeared Recall:impressive in this condition. Eyes makeup
highlight and sexy red lipstick or lip aprlatıcısı
Be sure to say you drive.


Visit The Runway hair this season!" comments for.


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