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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:25

Visit the SATSO from Sakarya Forestry Regional Director

Visit the SATSO from Sakarya Forestry Regional Director
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Sakarya Forest District Manager Okan delegation consisting of lead and apartment managers , Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Mahmoud visited the Kösemusul Board of Directors.

Sakarya news: President speaks during a visit to have participated in the Photo Board Member Kösemusul , Sakarya nature they are in favor of giving direction to the development starting with a great and flora and their sensitivity to the environment also stated that they expressed at every opportunity. on Photo surrounding a large we continue our work by showing sensitivity. We know that we are us next generations will leave our depositories of a heritage says President Kösemusul speech , \"Sakarya not only industry , tourism, agriculture is an integrated system with its unique nature and trade. While addressing each feature a different segment and we strive to progress without damaging each other grows. This is our our vision . in this context, the Regional Forestry Directorate with all kinds of cooperation and also welcome your ideas will contribute may take place in joint projects. My BRAND's start working on the preparation of projects with the support , \"he continued . the Photo Forest District Manager Okan Lead containing detailed information about the work of the directorate made a presentation . Stating that they have Sakarya 43 percent forest area in the lead presentation , \"We are evaluating the forest land as permanent and sustainable. Is about carbon sequestration 22.84 tonnes in the region. Degraded forests commuting, we are increasing productive forests, thus reducing carbon emissions . However, our region about the situation in terms of carbon emissions Currently there is no work , \"he said . Turkey's most important is that Acer waterlogged forests , emphasizing that they should be evaluated in terms of lead Longozu tourism , nature tourism in the region was underlined that the need for cooperation to be brought into line .

Visit the SATSO from Sakarya Forestry Regional Director" comments for.


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