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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:52

Visit the Tax Office of the Commodity Exchange

Visit the Tax Office of the Commodity Exchange
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Malatya Commodity Exchange (MTBE ) were visited by President Yunus Poyraz'a Malatya Tax Office .

Malatya news: Photo MTB Chairman Gursel ÖZBEY, Assembly Chairman Akif BAŞTÜRK Secretary General Chairman of the Tax Office , speaking during a visit to Abdulvahap Bulgurlu located Dolphins , he is the Kahramanmaraşlı and recalling that finally Erzurum while on duty assigned to Malatya , \"in that I work with civic I have worked in consultation with community organizations. as a result, our duty , we can enjoy how higher with the interests of the Republic of Turkey are in its efforts , \"he said . the Photo MTB Chairman Gursel ÖZBEY, \"Tax Administration President Yunus Poyraz Bey, albeit with some delays , better we visit you get. we believe they do , I hope successfully serve our Malatya , saying, \"then said:\"we as a province , a leader in the country and export targeting 2023 for the development of trade and development , as with all institutions and civil society organizations as we will be in consultation with the Tax Office . \"

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