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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 18:44

Visit the wood from the Azerbaijan Embassy

Visit the wood from the Azerbaijan Embassy
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Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan Education Assoc.

Ordu news: Dr. Naguib Nesibov and the Ministry of Education Specialist Nuria Kadıoğlu, Army Rector of the University (ODU) , Prof. Dr. Tariq Yarılgaç visited in his office.
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Saim clever Bostan and Azerbaijan nationals studying in the ODU 5 students also participated in the meeting with the President Yarılgaç , Assoc. Dr. Nesibov and Expert Kadıoğlu'na the structure of wood , and gave information on academic and physical development issues .
While advancing rapidly towards becoming a world class university , stating that the international cooperation in the realization of strategic goals and is now the growing number of students of foreign nationals He was Rector Dr. Tariq Yarılgaç , expressed satisfaction with the visit took place . Yarılgaç , \"foreign nationals that we began last year realized an intense interest in the student intake , our university a total of 10 pieces presence of Azerbaijani students in the Faculty of Arts and Ünye Faculty of Economics and Program Administrative Sciences is pleased with us. Foreign students in our universities has increased with each passing day the number of students with peace of mind continue their education. and to find solutions to problems encountered feel concerned with their problems is our duty. Country as trade , between economic and cultural issues in many common protocols and agreements with Turkey realized that Azerbaijan , educational and scientific fields made ​​collaborations and student exchange is important to us and I'd like to specify \"he spoke . the problems of the Azerbaijani students studying in universities in Turkey Photo During the visit , Dr. Among the projects on the solution Naguib Nesibov to , especially Azerbaijan nationals including students have shown their interest in solving problems of all students in the University Rector Army Dr. He conveyed his thanks to Tariq Yarılgaç . Nesibov the Rector Yarılgaç miniature gift Azerbaijan has written local hand-woven carpets . Rector Dr. Yarılgaç where the plaque to commemorate the visit Prof. He logo . Dr. Was presented to Nesibova .


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