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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:38

Visits Co-Chair of the Families of Prisoners

Visits Co-Chair of the Families of Prisoners
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Hakkari Municipality Wish Hatipoğlu and Nurullah Farmers Co-Chairs visited the family's ill prisoners Suggest Nec financing .

Hakkari news: Photo Wishes Hatipoğlu and Nurullah farmer found that delegation , held at June 11, 2011 \"CSM \"arrested under the operation and at the moment Trabzon E Type Closed Prison visited the family's Advice ill prisoners Nec financing . Photo home visits to begin that expresses Co-Chairman Wish Hall, \"Now we will visit the home of our random citizens in a different neighborhood every day. this day we will also visit a few citizens in Keklikpın neighborhood. this is covered in a long time wrongly held in prison even though he was ill Nec financing We're at our suggested friend. currently prisons, 200 have more than 600 sick prisoners , including heavy . We are expressing our sensitivity regarding sick prisoners at a time. the patient prisoners is our red line. I wrongfully currently lying in prisons , especially in patients with prisoners all prisoners are liberated , \"said a Photo Nec bearing suggest the brother, suggest Behcet , said they are pleased with the visit of the president,\"my brother 11 June 2011 from being held in the state prison is a very serious health problems since . We are moving very serious concerns about health as a family anymore . Necman has to have heart surgery. This surgery is very difficult to be in prison conditions . Therefore, should be released as soon as a full-fledged construction of a hospital for treatment. Otherwise, the Ministry of Justice from any problems that may develop and other authorities are responsible , \"he said. The following Hyacinth neighborhood home visits they perform in Photo Keklikpın neighborhood last co-president and his entourage , where we chatted for a while visiting another family.

Visits Co-Chair of the Families of Prisoners" comments for.


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