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  • 20 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 16:01

Visually Impaired Young Girl's incredible Azmi

Visually Impaired Young Girl's incredible Azmi
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Living in the district of Yozgat query visually impaired 22-year-old Jasmine Kaygısuz , overcoming all obstacles have learned to use a computer .

Yozgat news:
query the Community Health Center as a clerk serving Jasmine Kaygısuz , query the Public Education Center within the various courses opened , said:\"Computers for learning Adult Education Centre Directorate I applied . demand be welcomed onto the computer courses I attended , and within 3 months the computer learned to use \"he said.
the query District Community Health Centre officer who served as Jasmine Kaygısuz , said:\"Here, friends phones I'm course on July 1 began . these facilities that they gave me for our teachers , thank you. during the month and hope Hocamızdan quick keyboard course I took . F keyboard was writing . Minutes at 101 strokes was doing . teacher to have time to be limited enough progress could not do . But I still very good progress I believe I am . then Omar teacher with overall computer use have learned . official letter I can write . Word't A , Exsel'also made ​​statements can draw operation . Entries coloring, augmentation, reduction operations such as I can. I take computer courses I applied for data preparation staff . I love to use the computer as well . I want to work at my workplace computer . That's why I wanted to learn . \"
Query Science and Technology in the Public Education Center Teacher Omar, who is orphaned , Jasmine is a successful student , said:\"I could easily use the computer through a screen reader program . Other sections also modil Word, Excel, get quite successful. Learned to use the computer to suffer , \"he said .

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