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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:26

Voices from the campus newspaper , the University Students Tour City Tour

Voices from the campus newspaper , the University Students Tour City Tour
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With Voice Newspaper Atatürk University campus is organized city tour with a trip to Erzurum 350 students took a tour of historical sites .

Erzurum news:
University student newspaper, the Campus Voice Newspaper of the places to be seen in Erzurum Erzurum blind and for the new students'City Tour'was organized . Campus trips organized by Voice Newspaper , was announced to students via social media . Announced not advertised intense demand in the face of the campus Voice Newspaper executives within 4 days of the quota is full , they said.
Erzurum'< strong>'s main landmarks were given a tour
in the morning, Ataturk University Rector gathered in front of students , Ataturk University , and Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality has allocated 5 bus tour of the city began. Bastion is the first stop of the trip to Azizia students flagged by walking out. After the prayers of saints bastion pupils plenty of pictures , and then made ​​the Erzurum Congress has passed the Congress building . Thereafter, the prayers rising to Abdurrahman Gazi Türübe Students who self-moving vehicles on a hill here had the opportunity to watch . Ice Hockey Hall said after a visit to the tomb , students show artistic skating , speed skating shows and ice hockey had the opportunity to watch the match . Ice hockey hall of Youth and Sports Provincial Director Fuat that students Taşkesenlioğlu guests , made ​​a short speech . Taşkesenlioğlu , after telling students the benefits of playing sports , winter sports related investments held in Erzurum told. If a student next stop was Palandöken Mountains . Palandöken Palandöken, Erzurum Konakli Ski Centers Business and director of the campus Voice Newspaper jointly organized hiking and garbage collection event was held . Rain after this event with great enthusiasm the students of Grand Erzurum guest house hot tea and offered to students . Tea after drinking bar team show the following students for 40 minutes in the rain halay had fun .
had so much fun
Travel participating students , the campus Voice Newspaper by thanking so much fun they said. Erzurum many places to be seen and the place saying that the students , the persistence of such organizations should be reported . Azizia Bastion impressed by the pupils who say that the \"Erzurum such organizations , very few are made. Hopefully campus Voice Newspaper this organization continually makes . Some of our friends in Erzurum for 4 years stays but Erzurum nowhere opportunity to see not find . Us, these organizations through Erzurum important places and have seen both fun we have , \"he spoke.
campus Voice Newspaper concessionaire Kagan Alparslan Cakir, this kind of activities continued future of news gave . Activity in social media advertises does not advertise a great demand met said they Cakir, \"Thank goodness our trip smooth've completed . Activities Students participating in our friends and like to join the quota had expired unable to attend all students to our friends , thank you. Additionally us who lent their support Ataturk University in Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and Paladoken and Konakli Ski Resorts Chief Operating Officer David Dağabakan to thank you very much \"was found in description . Campus Voice Newspaper Editorial Director Kadir Burak Yildirim, such events have always said that . Lightning also a new edition of the campus newspaper Voice of the news would be decided in the coming days .


Voices from the campus newspaper , the University Students Tour City Tour" comments for.


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