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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:27

Volkan Sen:\"Invited to National Team again a good feeling \"

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Bursaspor's Volkan Sen national footballer , a national team again called Mani said it was a pleasure for him .

İstanbul news: Photo Volkan Sen , National Team in Riva Hasan Dogan National Teams answered questions from members of the press before the training camp and the training facility . Indicating that the national team again happy to be called Volkan Sen , \"I would especially like to thank Fatih teacher and team.\"Photo \" WILL BE AN IMPORTANT MATCH PREP \"Successful Photo players , evaluating the preparatory match will be played with Brazil, \"we attended yesterday evening camp. Today will be our first workout . we did not get a chance to a lot of conversations with friends. from our perspective will be an important preparation for the match. the result is very important although football is very important to us that we play . ahead of Kazakhstan you have to match . before the match Kazakhstan will be a good preparation for the match. see our mistakes our shortcomings here , to make the best match of Kazakhstan and we want to get a good result , \"he said .
\" field wANT tO MAKE tHE BEST \"Photo this season itself is very good for starting stated that Sen, \"I'm doing good work in the field. Bunda Senol Hoxha effect. Bursaspor a great community . I also have the task given by the teacher has met in the best way I want to do the best in the field \"he said .
\" THIS CASE tO US does not fit \"Photo Volkan Sen , the national team's EURO 2016 qualifying group is related to bad results in the match , \"national team of the very best players board, with quality players . Was unable to receive the result of the match play good football. After that there is no compensation matches . We have all day Kazakhstan. We both want to get a good result and play well in this match . This situation does not suit us . Taking a good result , you'll come to the best place , \"he said.

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