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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:52

Vural:\"Israeli soldiers desecrated the Al-Aqsa Mosque \"

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MHP group vice president Oktay Vural, \"in Oslo , agreed PKK'he says.

Ankara news: Now, get your signed the PKK which protocols against this nation , explain that you made ​​an agreement on what matters , \"he said . Photo Vural, at a press conference in Parliament, Israeli soldiers Masjid al-Aqsa entering dirty boots with the Al-Aqsa Mosque'yi said that a table that pollute happened. Photo Vural, the attack condemned \"the attack on a place that saw all Muslims holy indeed shows that in what situations of Islamic civilization in the period in which the Islamic world. An attack for the first time since 1967 . It really is the need of a lynch policy towards the destruction of our values. I was wondering how to put it across the Islamic world a response . Masjid-i games played by Israel over Aqsa has long played a very serious response , I believe that should be put in to come up with this audacity. The government in this regard , I believe that should be put to such a response on the value of the Turkish nation , \"he said .
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu criticized the remarks at a meeting of the group of the party yesterday Vural, said:\"Yesterday the Prime Minister Davutoglu, unfortunately, could not get rid of the mentality under guardianship and copying a revealed that the prime minister. Lies are the same , the solutions put forward the same . \"Photo \" SOLUTION LOST TURKEY IN THE PROCESS \"Vural argued that
solution process of the PKK, which saves time , \"process loser Turkey and the Turkish nation \"is noted . Prime Minister Davutoglu called Vural , \"Oh Obama, are you saying when he won the PKK . Are you a scarecrow ? Are you not govern Turkey for 12 years ? Some whom you are complaining . Which face do you say them . You will replace the PKK's weapons you got from everybody, you surrendered to the Qandil. Nations will be asked of course accounts of those who surrender to terror of their own volition , \"he said. Photo bitch on 6-7 October and treacherous than 40 citizens were killed , Vural stated that soldiers and police were killed , \"We are patient with'You what else to say I do?'I'm not gonna say any more İmralı'ya','Have I offended'you say. Did you say I do not play küstüm PKK . What you gonna do . Choose only concern . They crave to be hdp'yl partner . CHP have also entered the race , \"he said .
\" EY DAVUTOĞLU , WHAT TURKEY You were talking about ? \"Photo Solutions Vural argued that the processes carried out in the HDP-AKP coalition together , he continued:\"O Davutoglu, what you're talking about Turkey ? We have our time, we ended the state of emergency rules , you're new in Turkey and the PKK have your miserable state of this state . Hdp'do you seek help from the PKK to public order . You state that you are using the will of the nation. A legitimate government is already destroying the will if she delivered the PKK the will ensure public order. \"Photo Interior Minister Efkar Alain criticizing the description of the solution process Vural, said:\"In Oslo PKK agreed'he says. Now, get your signed protocols to which this nation against the PKK , explain that you made ​​an agreement on what matters . On the one hand you agree with the PKK in Oslo after him up'is the PKK terrorist organization , are doing , making them saying,'You will tell the tale of the nation. There is no such disgrace . \"Photo \" We go where we want \"Photo Prime Minister Davutoğlu's group meeting in opposition to the\"in the field \"who told the call Vural, \"This country is in every land are our soul . Everywhere we have teşkilatımızın . You threaten others , refer to the Prime Minister. We are where we want when we want . What are you doingPKK hands jump start a threat to us? You supply the citizens to live in peace there before , feel the power of the government there. We go to every inch of land in this country. We are not in Yozgat in Diyarbakir with army protection , \"he said. Photo Vural, are related to the claim that the closed hdp'n said:\"Does there need to NSC for that. Do not have an independent and impartial judiciary in this country , where law \"Photo \" You will ARABIAN NIGHTS Translate ? \"Photo Vural, speaking yesterday at Parliament's Planning and Budget Commission, Finance Minister Mehmet lightning's Presidential Palace 1 billion 370 million pounds recalling the statement made ​​\"Leakage palace to 1 billion 370 million TL , the plane also spent £ 407 million . When you collect them doing 2 billion. What will you do , you will turn this thousand-room palace in Arabian Nights . Thousands have used empty room in vain. Thousand plus one nights , I guess. Yes , illegal palace became the new symbol of Turkey . Leak palace , arrogance , the contempt of the nation , is the symbol of selling swagger from the nation's purse , \"he said . Photo Vural, the money spent 1 million 998 thousand 577 people drew attention to the payment of the minimum wage. Photo ERMENEK'< strong> ONE OF COAL HELP to FAMILY reminded of alleged assistance to families in coal Ermenek Photo Vural, \"It is an irony . That they are dying to remove coal then coal delivered. Those people , why did he die? He died to remove the coal, bread to take home. It will be what people's lives and livelihood . Laundering itself is really behind all this occasion the bureaucratic and political will that is responsible in this process is really unacceptable. I wonder from where coal miners that coal Remove from Soma 301 ? He who will relieve the bloody tears with mine ? You explained that before the 50 who got taken ? You found it here Let's Who of the coal sold . That's why the report you found here before adding to the water . Before you give them the account, \"he said .

Vural:\"Israeli soldiers desecrated the Al-Aqsa Mosque \"" comments for.


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