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Waist And Neck Hernia Treatment

Waist And Neck Hernia Treatment
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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr..

Samsun news: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr.. Ebru Demir Rose, back and neck hernia in 90 to 95 percent of patients with non-surgical methods of treatment are sufficient, he said.
Romatem Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr.. Ebru Demir Rose, waist and neck, gave information about the treatment of hernia. Gul said in a statement,"Back and neck hernia, vertebrae bone located between the disk called the integrity of the structure of the disordered within the soft layer outward overflows. Discs mobility of the spine contribute to the ride as the load in a balanced way helps to distribute. Disc inside the soft layer out overflow so herniation is usually the spine extreme and or reverse loading result is. This overload causes a severe trauma, as might be sudden lean forward, long-term sit or coughing as negligible, why come in,"he said.
"Disease with back and neck pain and limitation of movement manifests itself,"said Dr.. Ebru Demir Rose,"The reason for this herniated disc spinal cord, nerve roots and pain sensitive structures his bass is. Arm and leg pain, tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, the presence of nerve roots compression suggests an out, a serious spinal cord compression if there is urine and feces (stool) disorders may accompany complaints,"he said.
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr.. Ebru Demir Rose, about the treatment provided the following information for:
"neck and a herniated disc for a long time in the same position, sitting or standing at a desk, awkward positions, working in heavy lifting in people who are common. Office workers, drivers, athletes and standing for long periods the remaining teachers, hairdressers, waiters and pharmacists-risk occupational groups. waist and neck hernia very small portion surgical intervention is required. progressive loss of strength, urine and stool disorders are accompanied solution is surgical intervention. Percentage of 90-95 patients non-surgical methods of treatment are sufficient."
-gravity TREATMENT
"DRX9000C Spinal Decompression device for the treatment of back and neck hernia developed combining science and technology, an alternative treatment method. weightlessness during NASA's space exploration environment astronauts LBP decreased, drive distances revealed widening has been developed. many countries, the device used in CE and medical FDA approval has. Personalised treatment program and at what distance the disease, she is range shooting power by applying the hernia again retraction is provided. Classical methods than those controlled and a gradual gravitational force is created."
"Treatment of type and duration of the person's age, body and spine structure, the location of the hernia, according to the degree and clinical findings is planned. usually the first 2 weeks 5 er sessions, 2.3. weeks 3 er sessions, the last 2 weeks 2 evil sessions, including 20 sessions it is applied to. patient for 30 minutes lying on back device to stay connected, the post applied electrotherapy and the overall treatment of 1-takes 1.5 hours. Personalized although it varies according to the degree of the disease and a treatment success rate is high. has been observed that a decrease in pain in the first 10 sessions."
DR. Ebru Demir Rose,"Back and neck vertebrae fractures, pregnancy, spondylolisthesis (slippage), sequestered disc (herniated part to the decrease of the spinal canal), further treatment is not applied in the presence of bone resorption,"he finished his speech.

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