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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:04

Waiting for Death Held the young dream

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Americans found a brain tumor and death of young students waiting for Lauren Hill, his dream come to college league basketball game .

İstanbul news: Photo of 19-year-old Lauren Hill, who lives in America , was undergoing treatment due to tumor in his brain. Young girl learns that surgery was impossible , reported the dream to get out of college league basketball game at Mount Saint Joseph's management. 19-year-old Lauren Hill, disease and death because he said he expects to play a basketball game last request before death . Officials NCAA 3. League Mount consultation with Saint Joseph Hiram College and will play NCAA management to match , gave me the opportunity to realize the young girl's last dream. Thousands with the team to Photo fictitious basketball match people in front of the Lauren Hill, No. 22 jerseys with 47 seconds remaining in the game with 4 points , he said. Area of his friends and great support from the spectators in the match Hill, was taken to the shoulders by his teammates after scored baskets . I was very happy and that there is a terrific feeling to feel the enthusiasm of the grandstand Hill , thanked everyone.
Filed on behalf of the social media'collects great support hashtag'l American young girl, moved to the headlines in the American press .

Waiting for Death Held the young dream" comments for.


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