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  • 27 Ekim 2012, Cumartesi 08:08

Waiting for Turkish investors in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh, cheap labor and cheap energy with the ability to focus the attention of the world's textile mills.

Bangladesh, cheap labor and cheap energy with the ability to focus the attention of the world's textile mills. In recent years, among these investors entered the Turkish entrepreneurs. Today, the Turkish company in Bangladesh has close to 100.

the many people per square meter which is the second country in the world, the shining star of the production of one of the countries shifted to the Far East and Middle East countries, Bangladesh cheap. Cihan News Agency (Cihan) speaking to the Turkish Embassy Second Secretary Adnan Ozturk, Turkish investors in recent years, increasing attention has shifted to Bangladesh and as a result, production of nearly 100 Turkish companies are doing in Bangladesh, Bangladesh Turkish Airlines 4 days a week the investor's job either, facilitated direct flights.

Turkish textile companies manufacturing base of the world's textile giants, Bangladesh has made the most important factor equally noticeable 'to be labor intensive, the minimum wage is less than $ 50, and cheaper energy.' Textile companies more t-shirts and also close to a thousand of women are employed in jeans produced in the carpet and textile mills Öztürk, who have pointed out,"From time to time up to 12 hours will be close to the power outage. generator exporters in this region despite the cuts turn to the Turkish daily production to continue without a hitch."he said. Ozturk, indicating that 25 per cent of employment in the textile sector, foreign investors provided the convenience of all kinds of taxes, the factory is set up in the most convenient areas of investment has been allocated to them by the state of Bangladesh said.

Embassy to invest in emphasizing that Turkish investors are doing their best to support Adnan Ozturk, product supplier in Bangladesh, making the most cash in advance, receive lower quality, there were the problems of inability, in this case, represents the Embassy into action. Turkish businessmen not only for the textile textile chemicals, machines and generators for sale Öztürk, who advised them to come Bangledeş'e, urged entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities in the region.

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