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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:10

Walking in the University

Walking in the University
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Malatya Inonu University campus in march in Israel condemned the attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque .

Malatya news: Photo Collegiate Clubs and Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) read the press release after the march organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering Students Talha Khan, \"Wake up , O Muslims , if developed , and our tears will be shed for shaken Aksa akıtal I , if we voice exclaim cry out for my , our tears get flood , cry our to undermine Israel and collaborations get screaming , let him perish . the United Nations, NATO, the US and the European Union has been supporting surreptitiously or openly every perversion of Israel. the fragmentation of the Islamic world including Turkey relations with the government in Islamic Countries West has encouraged Israel, \"he said .
\"A while ago, should be established Palestinian Peace Corps of the Islamic countries , \"he summarizes the Khan's speech concluded:Photo \"including intervention in Israel , the most serious sanctions should be on the agenda. Ambassadors deported should be . Verbal reprimand , not the actual performance needs to be done . It is futile to seek help from the United Nations for the evening. The only solution is to establish an Islamic Union. Turkey and occupied Islamic countries should be canceled immediately state his agreement with Israel. All Islamic countries must take a stand on the Zionist Israeli state level. Qibla resistance and resurrection , O , O mournful and sad Al-Aqsa Mosque , O Egypt , O Syria, Iraq , O , O Xinjiang , O oppressed orphans in geography , we promise you as the nation's children. Dirilince squares up to you and you özgürleşip your breath and sound , we will be the cry . \"


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