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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 28 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 11:19

'Walnut production due to inefficiency of the world, but to ourselves 6.sıyız yetemiyoruz'

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Reach of the increase in consumption of walnut production in Turkey has been expressed.

inefficiency plays an important role in this case is specified, that has the potential to address the shortcomings highlighted in a large walnut. Turkey produced 100 thousand tons of walnut, and the fourth in the world in this area but it still lives up to 6 percent of the world production of walnuts edilyor imported.

Turkey Union of Chambers of Agriculture (TZOB), made a statement on Turkey's walnut production. According to a statement made by the President of the Union Shams Bayraktar, approximately 1.5 million tons of walnut production across the globe are finding walnuts. This list ranks the first in China to meet 720 thousand tons. China, followed by the United States and Ukraine. Turkey with a share of more than 100 thousand tons of production and 6 percent in the fourth. In the distribution of production in Turkey are as follows:

production of 13 thousand 98 tons of shelled walnuts Hakkari first. 6 thousand 952 tons from Kahramanmaras, 6 thousand 863 tons of third Bursa, Denizli 6 thousand 458 tons, the fourth, fifth Corum 6 thousand 406 tons, 375 tons of six thousand six Mersin. 5 thousand tons of annual production of the provinces Antalya, Konya, Aydin, Van, Istanbul and Sakarya, too.

statement, despite an increase in the production of walnuts in Turkey, regions, provinces or even by years of production was determined that insufficient yield per tree were transferred to 34 kilograms. As the cause of inefficiency in the form of individual trees, walnut trees in the land, devoid of cultural operations, maintenance shown in the training. This situation negatively affects both productivity and quality were recorded. Anatolia is the homeland of walnuts were expressed, he said:

"on each side of the country can be grow walnuts. Production rapidly increased. Walnut production of good quality and efficient in order to increase the standard walnut varieties suitable climate and soil conditions, the establishment of orchards is required. recent years with the establishment of orchards gratifying. Walnut, as the main product manufactured, choosing some sort of desire to cold, late spring frost, and other conditions must be considered, not suitable for the climate and soil conditions in planted areas. Standard varieties established gardens off the support given to encourage producers nature should be."

'Walnut production due to inefficiency of the world, but to ourselves 6.sıyız yetemiyoruz'" comments for.


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