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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:27

Want to meet their expectations Health Professionals

Want to meet their expectations Health Professionals
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Officer-Sen Aydın Aydın Provincial Representative and Health-Sen Branch Chairman A.

Aydın news: Maintenance Karaer , developments in health and the changes noted that the new Turkey take place in conjunction with the target .
New era in saying that the important expectations of health workers Baki Karaer , they will continue to work with has powers to meet these expectations , he said. Democracy always Karaer stated that they believe that the democratization of the Turkey , arguing that it is very easy , \"especially after the 1960 multiparty after switching period played a some games every 10 years on the nation in this country. But in the name of democracy in the last 12 years , nation the will of the polls on behalf of reflecting important steps were taken. we woke up with a new Turkey slogans on 11 August morning Turkey. new Turkey's Officer-Sen's democratic approach in the coming days , faith in democracy and human rights , I believe that the contribution of respect for human . Officer-Sen ported as trade unionism in a different spot . in this process, Officer-Sen largest contribution to the family as the nation the will of the reflection to the polls and to find the end of the game played on a nation , we have responded with , \"he said . Karaer indicates the beginning of a serious transformation in
Health \"Health workers also need to benefit from this transformation. so I need kavuşturulmaları to personal rights. In particular, health professionals need to eliminate the violence. We give it as a trade union struggle . We brought a new dimension to trade unionism. Our philosophy is , solution-oriented approach. Of course, the challenge will be reached, and when it will be used in place of democratic rights. Using also required. Democratic response must be given . Problem is not responsible unionism trade unionism got to do . Since 2009, we have achieved a lot of gain. What , where, when you arrive at the results you know you want to . You know this, you have to be solution-oriented. We get results in our studies on health, \"he said .

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