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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:29

Warranty Sailing Regatta race-Fenerbahçe won the first boat Olympos

Warranty Sailing Regatta race-Fenerbahçe won the first boat Olympos
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Sugar Buttermilk Buttermilk team, the 4-day Olympus warranty Sailing Regatta race-Fenerbahçe won the first boat.

racers meet in Istanbul and Bursa yachting, sailing, Bursa, Olympus was one of the projects implemented in order to promote and enhance the Regatta races completed. On August 29, four days while the start of the races was the colorful scenes regattas.

Olympos Regatta held for the first time this year, the Sea of ​​Marmara in Istanbul-Bursa-Trilye Fashion and connected to each other. Olympos Regatta, Istanbul and Bursa, in this respect, a first in bringing together sailors had occasion to be experienced.

-starts on August 29 at 19.00 Moda Tirilye the town of Bursa was the first goal of Olympos Regatta boats struggle. 5:24:17 This is the distance at the Ahmet Eker IRC2 class sloop-type boat"Eker Buttermilk Buttermilk"completing the first stage of the leader; Cevat Proto type Row IRC3 class type boat"Alfasail Honeycomb", second, the cheese Levent Sloop type ENKA-Cheese boat finished in third.

on Saturday, August 30th, the boats float between the Arnavutköy Tirilye race is expected to share their trump card"Bursa Sailing Club Special Race"failed due to the adverse weather conditions. Eker, organized with the support of the pre-race barbecue party lasted throughout the day with the cancellation of the races.

Olympos Regatta was the third day of racing in the bay. 12:10 the start in the first race of the day Tirilye-Arnavutkoy stage, the Sea of ​​Marmara Racing-Cilgin Sigma 13:25:35 Borusan's quick night in the first stage of the completion of the boat was passing through the finish line. Cheese 13:39:07 in the first place finish seeing the IRC2 class, while the third-fastest in its class 13:45:20 yarıştaIRC3 in Eker who was finishing.

immediately after the race at 14:05 the second day, Olympos Regatta is the start of the third race. The second and final race of the day the finish line was the fastest the boat Borusan Sigma Racing-crazy. Crazy finish in five minutes-1 hour from the Borusan Sigma Racing team, so Olympos Regatta'da three races so far was the fastest of the line first. Crazy Racing-Sigma 1 minute and 15 seconds after the Borusan who finish warranty Sailing-Fenerbahçe 1 ranking summit took place in the corrected time.

winning teams were given awards at the awards ceremony held at the end of day. Fashion Tirilye stage winner IRC2sınıfının Sailing Team Captain Ahmet Eker Eker, received the award on behalf of his team won the title.

Warranty Sailing Regatta race-Fenerbahçe won the first boat Olympos" comments for.


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