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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 12:05

Was confined to bed , I walked in a day

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70 years old living in Antalya and 130 kilograms in weight Eğriboyun Emine , back in the lime as a result of compression of the nerves was bedridden .

70 years old living in Antalya and 130 kilograms in weight Eğriboyun Emine , back in the lime as a result of compression of the nerves was bedridden . No hospitals and doctors surgeries due to the weight of the Eğriboyun Memorial Hospital in Antalya 4 hours with a micro-surgical operations began to walk again .
mother of five who lives in the town of Antalya airport and Emine Eğriboyun , waist and excess weight in the scale due to compression of the nerves about two months ago has become bedridden . For the hearing and speech impaired children from birth Eğriboyun built a special bed . On the one hand , and the family doctor to the hospital for treatment of Eğriboyun navigate. But not all hospitals and doctors surgeries due to overweight Eğriboyun did not. We leave the door to contact the Eğriboyun Küçükkaya's daughter Seda years ago, his mother's doctor found Memorial Hospital in Antalya . Op here from the Department of Neurosurgery Bulent Honorary Kılınçoğl and his team , micro-surgery with the nerves and spinal cord squeezing lime , clearing Eğriboyun to health folded .
Memorial Antalya Hospital Department of Neurosurgery Op. Dr. Bulent Honorary Kılınçoğl the patient's severe back pain and numbness and tingling in the feet refer to them with complaints , he said. Patient for a long time that the complaints that the last two months bedridden become reminiscent of the Kılınçoğl , the \"Drugs also not avail . High doses of the drug despite the pain did not go . Could not get up and fell into bed . Their needs even goes unable arrived . Followed by a treatment program we have created . we have determined that disease-induced arthritis . Micro-surgery compresses the nerves and spinal cord have clear lime . Micro 4 hour surgery with surgery , our patient was free from pain the next day , \"he said .
a day after the patient's pain began to walk underlines Op. Dr. Kılınçoğl , the \"Two weeks away went home . Now in good condition. Then pounds on going to war. Again this event repeat lest perhaps a small operation we can do ,\"he said .
sick of being deaf and dumb voicing that create a problem in the Open dialog . Dr. Kılınçoğl , \"the problem we thought , but it did not happen . Sign language agreed with . But this disease seen ages 50 and older . Age hardly mattered but no body's anatomy is very important. Micro-surgery operations less risky , and your chances of success high ,\"he said .
sPECIAL oNE bED was moving
Emine Eğriboyun the biggest supporter of her daughter Seda Küçükkaya the mother's bed is doomed to a special bed move , he said. Mother treatment to move did not go the hospital and the doctors leave , pointing out that Küçükkaya , \"No hospital, my mother lose weight because of surgery did not want to . Lifetime or could have said . Then Memorial Antalya Hospital have applied for and our doctor my mother stand up , he said. 4 hours after the surgery my mother began to walk \"he said.
mother's bed to be condemned across the occasional despair stated that the Küçükkaya , \"for her surgery bits until all were nervous . our doctor patient get up you'll walk the count the whole family was in shock. incredible'm happy ,\"he said .
born deaf and dumb , saying that his mother Küçükkaya , a sign language developed among them , he said. Mother 130 kilograms noted that Küçükkaya , the next target of the 30 kilograms to give , he added.
Küçükkaya mother's words , \"My mother is very excited about this. I I did not believe . pray my doctor . always afraid that I'm going to bed . now I'm walking . myself I can do my work . relieved , \"he reported.

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